Monday, October 24, 2011

How Much Difference Does It Make

PBS aired Cameron Crowe's new documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, over the weekend. As someone who "grew up" with their music in high school I totally enjoyed the video footage of their early performances, interviews with the seemingly personable band members, and an update about what they've been up to in recent years.

To me, the first half of the movie was the best part. The second half jumps around a bit, and doesn't go into much depth about what has really influenced where they're at now. I wish their had been interviews with close friends, wives, or family. I wish difficult questions had been asked. Are they still friends? Do they still make music together? When they made Vitalogy and started to implode as a band, what kept them from breaking up? Do they feel like they will now that Vedder is pursuing a solo project? I'm sure Cameron Crowe is dying to know what I think of his film, so will you pass this on to him if you have a chance? Great. Thanks.

So, Pearl Jam. I heart them. I heart them for wanting to make a difference and for being passionate about their work.
Here are a few comments from documentary interview footage that particularly interested me, for whatever reason:

"a real person, not a person trying to sound like another person"- on hearing Vedder's vocals.

"[we were] strangers coming from a similar place"- on Vedder joining the rest of the band, who were already friends.

"maybe talking about the dark parts of my life brings me happiness"-on why their music had an edge of "darkness", and would it ever be "happier".

"a grammy. what does it mean? you get an award for art?that's ridiculous!"-on being awarded a grammy, obv.

Also, who doesn't love a good plaid flannel shirt? No one, that's who. Get on your favorite flannel, crank up some rock & roll, and next time your friends are standing around in a group try diving into them!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Run Chicago!

 Myself, my awesome Chicago Marathon training group, and our friends and families carbed up at the Tuscany on Saturday evening before the race. Wow. It was SOOO good. I may have overdone it though, with the bread. Chalk that up to things to remember for next time. If there is a "next time"- talk to me several months from now about that!

 Post dinner Jon, Seth (my youngest brother), and I returned to Seth's apartment in Lakeview. The day felt a bit hectic: flying in, navigating our way into downtown and to the expo, picking up my race packet, dropping off our luggage, and then rushing to little Italy to join the crew at Tuscany. Another thing to remember for "next time"- don't exhaust yourself the day before running 26.2 miles.

 Saturday evening, I laid out my gear, set the alarm for 4:45 a.m., and went to bed (a bit later than I should have). Sunday morning came so fast! I got out of bed, got dressed and prepped, had my usual morning routine (2 cups of coffee and a protein bar) and headed to the train.

It took me a bit longer to get downtown than I anticipated so I was late to meet up with everyone at a hotel near the start. Here we are (photo above), bright, shiny, nervous, ready to go! We began the short walk down to the starting area as the sun was rising above the lake. Temps were in the 60's, very comfortable.We checked our bags (to have dry shirts, flip flops, etc at the finish), made last minute bathroom stops, and got in the corral.

A handful of us started the race together, but split up pretty early on so we could run at our own paces. I planned for a finish time of 4 hours and 30 minutes, which I thought was generous and would be no problem. HAHAHAHAHA. My finishing time was 4:45:39. And that took everything I had.

Here I am after the finish, about to reunite with everyone. What an epic feeling of accomplishment and relief! But, let me tell you more about what happened prior to this moment:
The first 10 or so miles were lovely. We ran along the beautiful lakeshore, and Jon and Seth came out and cheered for me at mile 7 and 8. There were lots of crazy fun "cheerleaders" along this part: great costumes, music blasting, plenty to look at. Seth also jumped in and ran about a mile with me here.
The next 6 miles or so began to decline in loveliness. I think I got a little bored, at this point I was running alone. The crowds were a little calmer, and I didn't feel their energy as much. Or maybe I just zoned out. Not sure.
The next 4 miles or so got a little better because a sweet girl by the name of Jenny Magill ran into me. She is an East Nasty who now lives in Chicago, and decided to run the marathon. She is an incredible runner: fast, ultra-marathoner, experienced, and super motivating to run with. She really supported and talked me through some tough miles, even though I was running a pace minutes slower than I know she would've done on her own. THANK YOU!
The next 6 miles got really hot. At this point we are headed back into downtown, no more shaded neighborhood streets, and the midday sun is beating down. I walked through every fluid stop, drinking a bit of gatorade and of bit of water. I took salt tablets, too, and never cramped up. At this point though, my legs just felt heavy. Heavy and so tired. Maybe I should have had caffeine at some point midway through the race. I took my shirt off because of the heat. I hate running hot and wearing extra layers. In retrospect, I  question that decision becuase now in all my end of race photos I notice the flab around my waist and how I look like I might pass out on the street. Oh well! The last couple miles Seth, Cristina, and Nicole jump in and run with me. What angels they are. Their pride and belief in me carried me through the most miserable part.
The last .2. Wow. What a mix of very intense emotions. I want to stop. I wonder why I chose to do this. I wrote my name on my race bib; total strangers yell my name and words of encouragement. Thousands of people are watching, I can't show weakness now. I see the finish line, and grandstands full of spectators on either side. I know elite runners have crossed this line and broken records. I know tens of thousands like me will cross it today and break their own records- not just of running, but of what they ever believed they were capable of. I'm getting chills just typing this out.

The post 26.2. Jon and Seth met me, and got me to our group of friends. I was glad to regroup, but also just wanted to go home and lay down! We walked a couple blocks to the red line and rode back to Seth's apartment on the north side of town. I have never been so happy to take an ice bath in my life- odd as it sounds, it felt great. So did a shower and some dry clothes. Next, I hobbled to Joy's noodles and had the best Thai curry ever!

I spent the next several days walk /hobbling about Chicago. Sore muscles, aching knees, and a bit of chafing were the worst I was left with. It's been 5 days, and I think I'm back to normal now! Will I do it again? Maybe I'll decide that after I can't remember anymore  how terribly painful those last several miles were!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hillsboro Village October Art Walk

  These are 8" x 10" ink & watercolor on paper, $40. If you're interested having a meerkat to call your own, just let me know!

 The Hillsboro Village Oktoberfest Art Walk last night was lovely. Bosco's Brewing Company & Restaurant invited me to be their featured artist for the event. Bosco's got very festive for the evening, and even brought in a band!

I'm ready for the weekend now; in the morning I'll be on a plane to Chicago and I'm already bursting with excitement! There will be plenty of awesomeness happening around Nashville though, too. It's still "Artober" which means a full calendar of creative events. Last weekend I worked with an Artober event, the Handmade & Bound Nashville Book Arts festival, welcoming families and encouraging kids of all ages to to get there hands dirty with sidewalk chalk. 

Here's to another wonder- full weekend! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Before and...

Only 80. 5 hours till my first marathon- Chicago. Not that I'm anxious or anything. I think I 'm ready, ready as I can be. I've trained well and planned for what I can. Now it just depends on last minute variables like weather (forecast is a little warm, but no rain!), the night before (nutrition and rest), and my knee (which is again sore).
We leave for Chicago on Saturday morning. The race is Sunday morning. If you think of it, say a prayer for me! I'll give you a run down next week (pun intended)! In it, I might even include before and after race shots inspired by Sacha Goldberger's "Before and After Shots of Joggers" project. 
What do you think of his project?
What do you think of my desire to run 26.2 miles throughout the windy city?

Maybe it relates to this sentiment? Ha!

images courtesy of pinterest

Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Slash Oktoberfest on Thursday!

I 've been experimenting with new little projects lately. This one began with a sheet of watercolor paper, liquid watercolors, and feathers on my mind.

Undiluted liquid watercolors produce very intense, brilliant color. After dripping them on a sheet of water color paper and letting it dry, I cut out multiple feather shapes. Using a fine point black sharpie, I added detail work to each of them.

After letting paint and ink dry thoroughly I attached, with glue, each feather to it's own 5" x 7" archival card.

The finished cards are blank inside, and also fit a standard size frame.Give your loved one a card with a sweet message while also giving them the gift of art! These are only $10 and will be available at my table in the Hillsboro Village Art Walk this Thursday, October 6, from 5- 8pm.

AND, the entire month of October is overflowing with creative events like the Hillsboro Village Art Walk, many thanks to Metro Nashville Arts Commission partnering with dozens of arts and cultural organizations to host the first annual "Artober". Many special art events throughout Nashville during the month of October are occurring, highlighting the depth and breadth of arts activities middle Tennessee has to offer! Check HERE for a full listing of events.

Monday, September 26, 2011


image courtesy pinterest

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, thanks for asking. It kinda seemed like it had a  "blast from the past" feel, because Saturday involving a rollerskating party at the local rink and Sunday Jon and I had a putt-putt, arcade, go-kart date. All things I haven't done since the 80's/90's- it was great!
However, I didn't get much done around the house or in the studio. Serendipitously, I just came across this article. It's all about that feeling of needing a weekend to catch up from your weekend! Here's an excerpt:

When the weekend rolls around, my expectations are that I can draw energy from alone time, spend tons of time with friends, exercise, catch up on sleep, go to church, work on chores, work on creative pursuits and catch up on email all in the same weekend.
Although this is all possible to do in one weekend, when I place unreasonable expectations on any chunk of time, my energy is divided and I’m left defeated and wanting by Monday morning.

Check out the full article by Nate Baker HERE.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rilke & Petah Coyne

Everything that has been wrestled from doubt
I welcome--the mouths that burst open after
long knowledge of what it is to be mute.

Do we know this, my friends, or don't we know this?
Both are formed by the hesitant hour
in the deep calm of the human face.


Art work by Petah Coyne.
Beautiful words and beautiful work.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Octoberfest Art Walk!

I'm preparing new pieces for the next Hillsboro Village Art Walk. I'll have a booth set up in front of Boscos from 5-8pm on Thursday Oct 6. Come out- enjoy Octoberfest and art in the Village!
I'll have brand new small sketches and illustration-style paintings of a whole zoo of animals, with prices ranging from $20 -$75.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vadis Turner

Vadis Turner is a Nashville native, now living and working in NYC. She maintains ties with Nashville though- following the severe floods of May 2010, Turner collaborated with other Nashville artists to create a picture book, "Nashville Counts" whose proceeds went to Hands on Nashville to support their volunteer efforts. Read more about it HERE.
Most recently, Turner's work has returned to Nashville with an exhibition of her work at the Rymer Gallery. I LOVE it. She works in various combinations of materials, but the Rymer exhibition focuses on her ribbon paintings. "Her work is well known for the exquisite and fragile balance between mixed media, color theory, abstract expressionism, and feminism. These themes are very dear to Vadis, whose main focus interest is women's work and gender roles.", says David Gargiulo in a Vestal magazine feature on the artist. Vadis
says of her work, "In my compositions, I like for there to be a tension between beauty and darkness." I think that is very evident in all her bodies of work.I can't wait to see what she does next!

 "I keep my eyes and mind open to everything because all types of design and art are in constant conversation with each other." ~ Vadis Turner

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Crawl, Art Crawl, ART CRAWL!

This past week, 3 separate middle TN "art crawl" events lined up in succession to form a fantastical art-filled weekend. The Hillsboro Village Art Walk kicked it all off on Thursday evening. Next, Franklin held their very FIRST art crawl on Friday night. Last, a tip- top Downtown Art Crawl bubbled out into Nashville's downtown art's district on Saturday evening.
Each event had a distinct vibe. Hillsboro Village is nice and low-key: an unpretentious creative mixed- bag. Franklin was worth the trip! I don't know how long it will stay this way, but since it is brand new there was a lot of excitement going around, and the effort the participating places had put into it was obvious. And enjoyable. I didn't feel cramped for space, the art was good, and everywhere I went I was regaled with delicious food and wine! However, nothing tops a downtown art crawl and this was indeed a respectable one. Downtown Presbyterian featured the annual children's art show, which I was happily involved with, albeit in a minor way. I got to "decorate" the 5th Ave entrance- see pics below!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's an art crawl-tastic weekend in middle TN- last night, Hillsboro Village Art Walk; tonight Franklin Art Crawl; and tomorrow Downtown Art Crawl. Downtown Art Crawl will always be my fave, and this time around I 'm looking forward to participating as a volunteer at Downtown Presbyterian Church helping with their children's art show. They do some super cool stuff with kid's art that you 'll probably want to try and do yourself! Come out!

I'm also currently in the midst of updating (and hopefully improving) my blog. I looked into switching my domain name to, and losing the "blogspot" part of the address. Well, that name is already taken, but I'd like you to see some of the suggestions I was offered. Although I 'm giving "" and "" some serious consideration, your suggestions are welcome, too!

Choose a domain name (step 1 of 3)

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Similar available names
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Fall Window Install

Here are some pics of the fall window display project I created for Rodney Mitchell's Hillsboro Village salon in the heart of Nashville.
My sweet friend and excellent photographer, Cristina Young, photographed the process as you may have noticed in this previous post. I love the perspective she brought, and am flattered that she even featured me on her website ! Cristina works hard to get awesome shots of her subjects; if you need new images for your portfolio, pics for your website, or photos of your event (music, art, personal,etc), she is the go- to girl! Contact Cristina Young at  615.955.0465 or visit her website for more info

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nail Art!

Why not?

It's pretty difficult for me to do both hands with the same amount of precision, being right handed. This is my left hand, which turned out quite a bit better than the right!

Think nail art is tacky/cheesy? Wait till you see what kind of designs this little lady comes up with:

Juliana Horner and her blog of ultimate coolness will inspire you!

This is image is my absolute favorite of nail art ideas I 'd like to try on myself for fall.

So perfect. Not that I could get it quite that precise, but I love it enough to give it a shot!

In other art related news: Franklin now has an art crawl. It's centered around downtown, but also includes artists studios and galleries in the Factory. I'm looking forward to exploring their first event this Friday, with my sister-in-law and fellow artist, Missi. Checkout Franklin Art Scene's website HERE for more info.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Press Release and a Sneak Peek!

 **Scroll down to the block highlighted in pink for bulletin on my work, and bottom of page for more images of work in progress!**


Thursday – September 1st, public invited, 5 – 8 pm

Village Art Walk receptions, shows and events are hosted in most Hillsboro Village shops and restaurants. This is a year round event that provides changing movies, music, artists, demonstrations, book signings and much more. 

Free Parking after 6 pm behind Cornerstone Financial and on 21st Avenue

Address: 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village @ Belcourt Avenue
Phone: Info: Duncan Ragsdale 615.352-4891 

Facebook link:

Shop of the Month ~ Belcourt Theater
For over 75 years, The Belcourt Theatre has provided a space for premiere entertainment in the heart of Nashville's Hillsboro Village. During this time, The Belcourt has existed in many incarnations - each of which has furnished a home for some of the city's best and most unusual performing arts.

Join us for a wine & cheese reception in the lobby.  Here is what will be playing:

SENNADir. Asif Kapadia, UK, 2011, 104min, NR, 35mm
In the mid 1980s, Ayrton Senna, a young, gifted driver, exploded onto the world of Formula One racing. As a Brazilian in a predominantly European sport, a purist in a world polluted with backroom deals, and a man of faith in an arena filled with cynicism, Senna had to fight hard—both on and off the track. Facing titanic struggles, he conquered Formula One and became a global icon who was idolized in his home country. Told solely through the use of archival footage, Asif Kapadia’s documentary is a thrill ride worthy of its daring subject
TERRIDir. Azazel Jacobs, USA, 2011, 105min, 35mm
John C. Reilly plays an assistant high school principal (!!) with a soft spot for his school outcasts. His newest recruit is Terri (impressively played with oafish detachment by newcomer Jacob Wysocki), an overweight kid who looks out for his aging pilled-out uncle (Creed Bratton) with more attentiveness than he can muster to get out of his pajamas for school. Through his sessions with Reilly's character, Terri befriends two other fellow outcasts, an abrasive goth-like weirdo and a pretty blonde who may be turning into the class ho.
Raffle give-away basket that includes:
·         Belcourt Screenwriter membership
·         2 tickets to the nD Festival Fashion Show
·         Belcourt t-shirt
·         Belcourt hat
·         Belcourt cup (gets $1 refill in the theatre)
·         Date night package to include 2 tickets to a regularly scheduled Belcourt programmed film, 2 drinks & a large popcorn
TOTAL value:  $275+

These 3 guys will be in front of The Pancake Pantry:

1) Team Power Chics will be there in full regalia. They do the five-mile walk every year for the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” Walk in October, which will be on 10/15 this year. “I have been a “Pacesetter” for the past six years, and hopefully this will be my 7th! Pacesetters raise at least $2000 on their own. Over the past 8 years that I have done this, I have raised over $18,000 by myself, and obviously I am very proud of that! I am even in the official ACS video for this event! As you can see, we make quite the fashion statement. This year we will have 15 walkers on the team.” – Colleen Cussick. Check it out:

2) NASHVILLE ROLLERGIRLS - Skater owned and operated, the Nashville Rollergirls is a non-profit organization whose mission is not only to bring an exciting team sport to the city, but also to contribute to the community by supporting local charities and participating in community service events. The last Nashville Rollergirls doubleheader of the 2011 season is Saturday 9/10 at Municipal Auditorium.

3) Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee will have a table set up in order to pass out fliers and bring awareness to their cause.  They will be collecting food at the October and November Art Walks as well.

HILLSBORO VILLAGE AUTO SERVICE The Lane Motor Museum will be with us again in September!

A THOUSAND FACES –artist - Modern Bronze Jewelry is lovingly hand crafted by twin sisters, Sarah Knox and Liz Anderson, in Franklin, TN.  In addition to traditional sterling and gold-filled metals, Modern Bronze is unique in their preference of copper and bronze.  These metals are hammered and shaped into unique pieces and often adorned with gemstones and pearls. Sources of inspiration for the sisters' creations include luster and texture of the metals along with the jewelry-making techniques and artifacts of ancient civilizations. 

POSH – musicians - will host performances by Noel Barefoot and Meredith Mazie.

CLOTHING XCHANGE - Art: Jeff Bertrand
Music: Judah Magnolia
Food: CX Employee Cook-off, Back to School style!
Fun: Academic Decathlon for which the winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to Clothing Xchange! All customers and friends are welcome to test their skill to win.

SEE EYEWEAR – artist- Wendi Strauch Mahoney.   I have been painting for a number of years now. I have been drawing since I was a very young child. My goal with every subject I paint is to capture its essence. The images I paint come both from photographs I have taken and from my memories of experiences. However, my best paintings are those that evoke a visceral reaction from those who view them. Landscapes should provoke the senses, capture a moment and transport us to a familiar place. Portraits and figures should elicit a connection with spirit, state of mind and temperament. When I look at art, I want to feel something powerful that transports me to a place or a feeling that resonates deeply. I cannot imagine my life without art. I cannot imagine my mind without the potential for the creative. I love to paint and draw. I hope that is communicated to you. (
We will be offering $40 off one pair and a total of $100 off two pair, during the walk.

PROVENCE – artist- Brian Nash
I’m a self-taught artist who came to painting late in life and in a rather circuitous way.  I have an MBA from Dartmouth College, and was Director of Retail Marketing for Polo/Ralph Lauren in NYC when I got the bug to write country music.  I moved to Nashville to become a songwriter, and have had a few dozen songs recorded.
One day, I impulsively picked up a brush and some paint, and started painting.  I haven’t stopped since, other than to take the occasional nap.  I love writing songs, but painting gives me a joy that is unique and complete.
I love colour, and, for better or worse, I love playfulness.  I’d like to think that most of my paintings have evidence of both.

      Musicians - Local Band, Gypsy Pompe will be playing gypsy jazz and western swing   music. Zander Wyatt- Guitar Derek Pell - Violin Brad Barrett/Geoff Henderson - Bass Ethan Ballinger-Mandolin Charles Butler-Banjo Noah Denney--Brushes on a Manhasset.

FIRE FINCH – artist - Colleen Wandel is a transplant from Buffalo, New York, who draws inspiration from meadow frolics and Shelby Park bike rides on her vintage Schwinn.  She has the Midas touch with art; everything she touches -- whether on canvas, with fabric, or in the home -- turns to a vintage delicate gold.  Her woodland sensibilities blend harmoniously with a love of Grandma's lace and hand stitching.  In her free time, Colleen enjoys watching old films from the library and exploring the wonders of Tennessee. Follow her at

PANGAEA –artist - Brad Keen is originally from Jackson, MS and has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of projects for over a decade.  He has exhibited at Kentuck Art Festival, Capture Cafe, Mellow Mushroom, and The Ignition Art Gallery in Tuscaloosa, AL. Brad’s favorite subjects are Musicians and Disney Characters.  His use of color and lines seem to make the characters in his paintings come to life.  Brads favorite medium is acrylic but he’s not afraid to use oil, pencil and watercolor.  Brad is new to Nashville and is currently working at Vanderbilt University as the Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing for the Athletic Department.

A VILLAGE OF FLOWERS –artist - Mary Claire Crow
Awesome Food Samples - Youlanda Peña.  After a successful career in business & banking I decided to return to my love of cooking and graduated from the Art Institute of Culinary Arts.  My love of food has allowed me to share fun and healthy ways of eating with friends and family, which led me to becoming my own personal chef.  I feel that more people would eat healthy if they knew how good it really was

RETROPOLITAN – artist - Candice Sone has a long and distinguished career as an interior designer having receiving her Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois in 1987.  It was in college she also began her training as a painter.  In 2008, unable to find just the right pieces for her clients, she began to paint and sell her own artwork.  What began as a necessity has become her passion.
Ms. Sone’s subject matter is closely connected to nature.  An avid scuba diver, the water is a major influence in her work. She works primarily in acrylics to support a greener environment and often uses mixed media such as gold and silver leaf. 

HOT & COLD – artists - Micah Smith ( and Ashley Owens. We'll be launching some "back to school" fall drinks on that day. We'll also be launching a totally new brew method (for coffee) and some new fall teas on that day as well. We will have DJs playing live sets.

FIDO – artists - Casey Pierce and David Hellams will be up through September 13th.  
Both artists share a studio space and an appreciation for detail in their surreal work.  Hellams takes wild animals and places them in the path of daunting human invention.  The white paper focuses all of the attention on the relationship between the two subject matters.  Some of the symbols present in Hellams' work jumps off of the paper and appear independently on the wall as unique flag-like paintings in various appealing color pallets.  Pierce fills his surfaces with atmosphere placing extra attention to certain portions of the work through color and scale.  A series of large-scale hands and forearms are dispersed among the canvases.  Pierce shows fine tuned skill for bringing the viewer into the world of each piece.

JACKSON'S BAR & BISTRO – artist - Birmingham-based artist Paul Cordes Wilm paints whimsical, humorous and sometimes biting social-commentary pieces on reclaimed wood in a colorful and boisterous style. He has been the unofficial in-house artist at Jackson's in Homewood, AL since its opening in 2006 and is showing in the Village for the second time this year at Jackson's.

RODNEY MITCHELL SALON – artist - Sarah Shearer infuses her creative style into the art of retail window displays in boutiques throughout Nashville. Her latest installation will debut in Hillsboro Village's Rodney Mitchell salon at the September Art Walk. Don't miss her wildly enchanting salute to the arrival of Fall! For more info about Mrs. Shearer, visit or send inquiries to

ZEITGEIST opens their Fall art season in Nashville with new work by two internationally recognized artists Kurt Wagner and Wayne White.

World known artist, art director, and puppeteer, Wayne White, is a Chattanooga native now living in LA. White has worked as an illustrator for the East Village Eye, New York Times, Raw Magazine, and the Village Voice and in 1986.  He became a designer for the hit television show Pee-wee’s Playhouse, was awarded with three Emmys, and continued to work in television and music video garnering Billboard and MTV awards.   His focus now is on painting.

White’s most recognizable works are his word paintings featuring oversized, three-dimensional text painstakingly integrated into vintage landscape lithographs. The paintings are thought-provoking and almost always humorous. White enjoys pointing a finger at vanity, ego, and his memories of the South.

In 2009, White's life and career were chronicled in an incredible 382-page monograph, edited by Todd Oldham. The book features hundreds of images from Wayne's earliest work as an illustrator all the way to his most recent fine art sculptures.

Zeitgeist is excited to also include in this exhibition work by Kurt Wagner.  Wagner, an artist from Nashville and childhood friend of White, may be best known for his work with the band Lambchop, and then again maybe not.

Felt leaves & handstitching.

Gotta lay it out all to see what you've got!

Embroidery thread for detail work.
Check back Thursday, 9.1.11, to see how it all comes together!

All photos courtesy Cristina Young.