Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nail Art!

Why not?

It's pretty difficult for me to do both hands with the same amount of precision, being right handed. This is my left hand, which turned out quite a bit better than the right!

Think nail art is tacky/cheesy? Wait till you see what kind of designs this little lady comes up with:

Juliana Horner and her blog of ultimate coolness will inspire you!

This is image is my absolute favorite of nail art ideas I 'd like to try on myself for fall.

So perfect. Not that I could get it quite that precise, but I love it enough to give it a shot!

In other art related news: Franklin now has an art crawl. It's centered around downtown, but also includes artists studios and galleries in the Factory. I'm looking forward to exploring their first event this Friday, with my sister-in-law and fellow artist, Missi. Checkout Franklin Art Scene's website HERE for more info.

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