Sunday, September 28, 2008

Press Release for a Pretty Cool Event

We have an amazing artist visiting Belmont on Wednesday, October 1. Her name is Sheryl Oring and she travels around the country with a manual typewriter that she sets up in public spaces and invites people to sit down across from her and dictate letters to the President. She then has the person sign the letter and she mails them to the White House.

She started this project around Bush's 60th birthday in 2006. People wrote birthday cards to the president. She is now doing a similar project called, "I wish to say to the future President. . ." where you can dictate a letter to the future president to be mailed to the White House.

Her project has been highlighted in many publications and on NPR. She also published a book with some of the birthday cards and will publish a similar book for the future President cards and photos.

The following is the schedule for her visit. PLEASE come and encourage as many others as you can. You will not be disappointed.

I hope to see many of you!!! Also, feel free to forward this to students, other faculty, friends and family!

10am Massey Performing Arts Center, Belmont University Campus, Sheryl Oring will be speaking about the project

Noon-230--Performance Event in the gazebo next to the School of Music, Belmont University Campus--Anyone is welcome to sit down and write a letter to the president!

430p--Sheryl Oring--Gallery 121, Leu Center for the Visual Arts, Belmont University Campus--Exhibition Opening


Teresa Van Hatten-Granath

Associate Professor

Belmont University

Nashville, Tennessee

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 100th Post

To round out my first 1oo bits of blogging, I would like to ask 10 questions.

* What is your unrelenting passion?
* Do you doubt your doubts?
* How will you give something beautiful to the world?
* What are you most grateful for?
* What do you value most in life?
* Where do you draw the line between possible and impossible?
* What will you remember?
* How will you make the world better?
* When was the last time you tried something for the first time?
* If what's in your dreams wasn't already inside of you, how could you even dream it?

Love you forever,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Poison in the Rain

Although not the biggest fan ever of Ryan Adams, I do like reading his songs. The songs are like stories, and they seem so visual. This is one I just read...

Poor little rose, beaten by the rain
In the wind in the gale, thunder and the hail
Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane
Without the numbness or the pain so intense to feel
Especially now it added up through the years
And I, I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
Now I'm crooked on the outside, and the inside's broke

Most of the time I got nothing to say
When I do it's nothing and nobody's there to listen anyway
I know I'm probably better off this way
I just listen to the voices on the TV 'til I'm tired
My eyes grow heavy and I fade away

'Cause I, I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
'Til I was crooked on the outside
I taught myself how to grow
Without any love and there was poison in the rain
I taught myself how to grow
'Til I was crooked on the outside, inside's caved
Crooked on the outside, inside's caved
Crooked on the outside, inside's caved
I taught myself how to grow old

I've Wondered This Before...

"Why does one blog? What compels those of us who sit down and type out our little vignettes about the things that effect us to do so? I guess the simplest answer would be to tell a story. But that just raises another why: why a blog? Why not a diary? Why record the events and influences on one’s life at all? It reflects a certain degree of navel-gazing tendencies in one’s personality, a more than passing interest in the why of the self. Our experiences change us, little by little, like erosion, each moment wearing us down a little bit more. Only one interested in the development of the self through experience would feel compelled to keep a record of said experiences. The choice of blog as a medium adds yet another layer to the analysis of the blogger. It’s public, usually, which points to a level of exhibitionism. It also suggests a view of the self as important, as having a point of view that should be read by others. The blogger must believe that he or she has something unique to add to the world, or else why bother expressing oneself?

So why does one follow blogs? This, too, I believe says something about the individual who does it. It reflects a curiosity about others, and how their experiences shape them. A desire to understand where someone else is coming from, and why. There must be at least a moderate degree of open-mindedness, to be willing to invest the time and energy to hear what others have to say. It’s a wide world out there."

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Like Jesus but Jesus LOVES Me, So Yeah, It's Kinda Awkward...

Sunday evening lazy time: it's the end of a pretty sweet day. I went to church this morning with a coffee and cinnamon crunch bagel in hand( yum~ Panera) I feel like maybe that's just what needed to happen to start the day out right.
This afternoon my friend, Beth, invited me to the Belcourt Theatre for a special event sponsored by the Contributor, Nashville's only newspaper by, for, and about the homeless. "From Tramp to Vagabond: a History of Homelessness in Film" runs September 14- 29th at the theatre. It's basically an overview of the homeless character in cinema; the films are quite varied, and span a period of 95 years. "Tramp to Vagabond" opened today with a hot dog reception and several Charlie Chaplin shorts- my favorite was "A Dog's Life", of course! What a great concept; it 's obvious that alot of work has gone into this thoughtful collection. This is probably a once in a life time opportunity, so DON'T MISS OUT!
Later in the afternoon, I ran a bunch of errands and am pleased to announce that I got a new canvas at Michael's for 40% off. It's 24" x 48", and by tomorrow it will probably be covered in pink paint. Pink? Yes. I'm in an experimental phase with color, so we'll see...
Since then, the evening has been a random assortment. I spray- painted a beautiful vintage mirror frame white; it'll look sooo good in the bathroom near the little chandelier. I painted a current lighting fixture white, covering the gross brassy- gold that it had going on. I made a quesadilla full of cheesy deliciousness. I wrote to several people that I've been meaning to for days. I wasted probably over an hour piddling around on Myspace. Now I'm ready to call it a day (or I guess that should be night)...take it easy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today, Monday.

I just moments ago returned from hanging art at Bongo Java on Belmont Blvd. Two new pieces are in the group of work! The show will run through the end of September; if you're in the hood, stop by for a delicious bev and artwork by yours truly.
In two days, Wednesday, Next Big Nashville festivities begin. So, so many talented musicians are featured; the show on Thursday at the Rutledge looks especially awesome. Yes, it's Eastern Block at the Rutledge on September 11. It's an 18 and up show, $10 at the door.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I 'll Have a Glass of Red Please

Surprisingly, there weren't a ton of people out last night for the gallery crawl; being a cool, breezy evening I would've expected otherwise. I took advantage of that though and was able to actually look closely, talk, sit, and even stand without constantly bumping into other gallery goers. So, the first place we went was Davis Art Advisory in the Arcade. At the Davis showroom, I was particularly into the work by Jaclyn Mednovic. Another artist in the Arcade whose work I adore is Danielle Duer. She has a couple new pieces that I could stare at for hours; the intricacy is crazy! Crazy good. Maybe I'm a little jealous:)

Out of the Arcade, the Rymer and Tinney + Cannon were next on the route. The Rymer had 5 (I believe) new pieces of Julia Martin's. They were lovely and dreamy as usual, and I noticed several "sold" stickers...Yay! Tinney + Cannon featured several interesting artists, but the one I was most drawn to was Rachael McCampbell. Her colors are soft and bold, seamlessly side -by- side. Definitely would like to see more of her work.
For me the gallery walk ended at Estel. The two main artists showing this month at Estel are Anna Jaap and Lori Field. Anna Jaap's work was in the same vein as previous pieces I've seen, making me wonder if I actually have seen these before? Lori Field's work was pretty intriguing: the collaged pieces, the layers, the drawn elements, the imagery.They are wild fairy tale dream worlds. I met Lori, and she explained the large pieces in this show are the first large collage pieces she's done- exciting! And she was super nice!

So yeah, I guess that sums up the highlights for me. You should go check out one or all, if you haven't already. The current shows will hang through the end of September.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Perfect Timing

After the sand cast, I tried resuscitation...
Then, in a fit of joy, I frolicked with HW.

and Jon :)

So, here I am back in Nashville, safe and sound. When "Hanna" actually hit the coast last night it was much less damaging then it could've been. It was a tropical storm, and it came in much further north than expected. Thankfully, the beautiful town of Charleston,SC didn't get demolished and everyone there stayed safe! Jon and I had a lovely week of beautiful sunny weather (and awesome huge waves) before driving back last night. One of my best friends, H.W. and her husband L.W., live in Charleston now. So, I got two great things in one: a super fun beach vacation and a visit with friends I love. LUCKY ME! This is what I did with my lucky self for the week: go to beach, eat, sleep, swim, beach, eat beach, sleep,eat, beach... maybe you can see a pattern...ahhh, perfection. By now probably everyone in a 900 mile radius knows I am freaking in LOVE with summer, so I'll spare you from proclaiming my love yet again.
Skipping forward a day, I worked at the boutique then headed downtown for the First Saturday Gallery Crawl. My accomplice, Jesse W, and I perused the scene. We saw alot of work, and the majority of it was quite good. Sometimes I go to openings and leave thinking, "Really!???" Not tonight, though. If you went, what were your favorites? If you didn't, I'm about to tell you mine, so stay tuned!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor- less Week!

The waves were pretty big!
Especially at Folly Beach ...
After playing in the waves, I created a sand cast for Jon.

It's been such a fun week in Charleston! It looks like it's time to head out though, because Hurricane Hanna is headed toward SC. They're predicting it to come through Pawley's Island, which is about an hour and a half away. Charleston is now having voluntary evacuation, so I guess it's time to hit the road. I have a couple other pics I'll put up soon; right now it's time to pack!