Monday, May 31, 2010

Warrior Weekend Part 2

Although conveniently located on our route to the Warrior Dash from our campground in Georgia, we did not stop at the farm room to learn about Jesus. Our campground was so pretty in the morning. My favorite part was a calm lake that caught the sun rising above the mountains so perfectly-with a rushing waterfall running off it.

Why is this picture so tiny? I have no idea, but if it were larger you would see that I had some great help preparing my warrior paint. Also, you would see 2 out of 3 Sara(h)'s that traveled together for the weekend in in our white, rented "Sara(h)van" or the best van group ever! Starbucks stops, breakfast stops, and bathroom stops turned what could have been a 5 hour drive into an 8 hour experience made awesome by our capable driver/navigator and a van full of fun folks who shared homemade brownies, starbursts (except the red and pink), ipods, blankets to nap under, magazines (horoscopes- first I've ever heard that incorporated scrapbooking), and general camaraderie. Yay, roadtrips!!!

Hungry for more: I raced on Saturday, at my original 5 pm time then realized, "I can totally sneak back in on Sunday and run again!". Most everyone else had gotten in on the second day of the race at 11am, and so I ran a second time with them. The second time was way more fun. 23 East Nasties in homemade wife beaters, camo shorts, and war paint= AWESOME!

The range of costumes really impressed me. Walking up to the race site and being passed by a man in a very minimal loin cloth made me think, "this is like a Halloween for guys" know how some girls use Halloween as an occasion to wear ridiculously skanky outfits? I have never seen more scantily clad men in one place then I did that day. Variations on the speedo (bedazzled, fur covered, etc ) were clearly the popular choice.

This guy didn't need a costume, though. Check out that drool! He may be my favorite :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am Warrior

Pick up registration packet, check. Apply war paint, check. Rally raucous warrior queens, check.

I attempted to strike fear into the heart of any warrior that crossed my path. I would have been more nervous, but for the valiant crew that cheered me through the whole way!

My legs sustained many cuts and bruises, and it looks like my middle toenail will be a casualty of war, but I could not be happier. Look at that smile after my finish on Saturday! It's Monday night and I still have it! I wish we could do this every weekend; however, I did get to do it twice in one weekend.
On Sunday, I went back with the whole East Nasty team and raced a second time! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Precious

Gold chain, gold handlebar, and silver fleck frame with leopard print (custom painted by myself) : my *newish* road bike. I love it!

My sweet ride. My lovely. My precious. What should her name be? Ideas?

I just brought her home after an extended stay at Halcyon Bike Shop. I concur with most of the rave reviews they get; click here to read for yourself (don't miss the the very first post titled "Don't Go Here"). Great neighborhood bike shop, and on my old street in the 12th South hood, no less!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This week, I learned that the idea for the original Ironman Triathlon was conceived in 1977 byU.S. Navy Commander John Collins. Already an athlete, he and his friends/training buddies often debated which kind of athlete was MOST fit: runners, cyclists, or swimmers? Collins suggested that the debate be settled by combining three existing long distance competitions on the island (Hawaii) where they were stationed- and thus began the epic event we know as the Hawaiian Ironman!

"What's the big deal?", you might ask. Well, something else epic was born in 1977 and it was ME.
That's right. I will regard my recent triathlon trivia discovery as affirmation of the athletic track (pun intended) I've been on this year.

Here is a summary thus far:
1) Springer Farms 5k, personal best time
2) Country Music half marathon, personal best time 2.11min(although I wanted it to be 2hr)
3) Watkin's Biggest Loser, yes I lost 24 lbs between mid January and early May to win 1st in a workplace weight loss challenge

Here are my future goals:
1) Warrior Dash, this weekend (as pictured above!!!) (not me)
2) Off road triathlon, this summer
3) Half Marathon, this fall
4) Celebrate 33rd Birthday injury free and in great shape, August 8

I'm excited to continue on this path -setting new goals and pushing myself. I am intimidated at times but I push on, and so far it's been a blast.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mark Ryden, New Favorite

I stumbled upon this L.A. artist at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea. I was still thinking about this show after two days and went back to visit it again.

"In his hauntingly beautiful and masterfully executed oil paintings, Ryden creates his own contemporary mythologies whose archetypes include fairy tale creatures, historical figures, and pop cultural icons. Seamlessly juxtaposing macabre motifs like meat grinders and disembodied presidents with eye-pleasing ingénues and seductive landscapes, the artist produces a vision of society in which menace and comfort are inseparably interwoven. These labor-intensive canvasses deftly rework centuries of art history, combining the grandeur of Spanish and Italian religious painting with the decorative richness of Old Master compositions and the lush textures of French Neo-Classicism. " -press release

This is a close up of a larger painting (the blurry dark spot is due to my camera); all the pieces in this show were fairly large. They were equally as riveting close up, as from a distance. The gallery's main room featured new paintings, and a second room displayed sketches and roughly colored thumbnails. The sketches were very thoughtful, deliberate wonders- love, LOVE this show.
The sketches, the paintings, not to mention the frames were captivating. Apparently the artist has a cult following- I can get that. Maybe I'll be joining it.
But seriously- the frames were ridiculously, phenomenally, out of this world, BAD ASS.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Excellent Timing and Big Bambu

A brand new roof top installation at the Met opened the day before I arrived!

I was able to interact with it, walking up this windy path which reached 30 ft above roof level when I walked it.

The path continues to be worked upon over the summer, and I highly recommend a visit. Eventually it will be a cresting wave 50 ft above the Met's rooftop!

Big Bambu: read all about it!

The Color & Shape

Spring colors around Manhattan were dreamlike- soft, like a blanket, and light.

The patterns, the shapes, the sizes. Not sure how to explain it, but something about the sheer amount of them makes me happy.

The spinal cord of the Brooklyn Bridge; one of my favorite pictures I took on the trip.

Sometimes I just need to let my eyes fall on new spaces, to look everywhere, to let go my focus from the thing I have planned to look for.

Worth the Walking

I went on a wonderful adventure week before last; I made a solo trip to NYC. I returned last Sunday to find my hometown in a state of disaster- epic flooding claimed lives and destroyed property all over middle TN. It felt disrespectful to talk about my travels at that point, but I want to now. Maybe it will be a relief to hear about something besides destruction and flooding.

Two days out of 5, I visited Chelsea's gallery district. It involved walking, walking, climbing steps, walking, and then a little more walking in an attempt to take in as much art as possible. It was well worth it, as always!

These are some snapshots I took of pieces that I loved: loved the whole thing, particular parts, or the general idea.

Every little drawer in this chest played a different song or narrative. Anyone could open them- one at a time , 5 all at once- creating a soundtrack of your own choosing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville Flood

Thankfully, the flood waters are starting to recede and no more rain is forecast till Friday. Jon and I are safe and dry at home,fortunate to come out of the flood unharmed. I have been off work since returning from NYC on Sunday, as the area Watkins is located in is under a mandatory evacuation. It feels surreal at times though; one mile north of our house is completely devastated, while a mile south has already recovered. Quite a few volunteer organizations and grassroots groups are doing amazing things for the area by letting those of us who are able know when and where to help. As of last night, I heard the death count is at 30- heartbreaking. Of the folks I know who did lose their homes and cars, most did not have flood insurance because they weren't near flood zones. Recovery will be extensive and costly. Others will be affected by loss of employment, Opryland and Oprymills alone provided thousands of jobs. I am thankful for my safety in all of this, and the fact that parts of the city remain unharmed, allowing us to provide aid for those in need. Please keep middle Tennesssee in your thoughts and prayers for the days and months to come.

If you are outside the area consider donating financially, the Red Cross has made it easy for you! Just text REDCROSS to 90999.

If you are able and in the area, login to Hands on Nashville for volunteer opportunities.