Monday, December 24, 2007

More Photos of the House

Ok, so it would'nt let me fit any more photos onto the previous post, but there's one more you HAVE to see. It's the one reflecting my Grandmother in a way that she appears to be inside the house.
Have a lovely Christmas Eve & be safe if you're travelling!

Looking Inside My Grandfather's House

My Grandfather, Gerald Brown, has made a really inspiring work of art. Using the skills (wood working, electrical wiring, home design) he learned earlier in life, he constructed a mini- house. From the outside in, he finished out this house in such detail that the close up snapshots look they could be a real room in a full size house. I love all the little touches like books open on desks, musical instruments in the living room, "oriental" rugs on the floors, and upholstery on the furniture. Some of these details were completed by my Grandmother, who is really talented when it comes to sewing, knitting, cross- stitching, etc; she made the curtains, rugs, & upholstery. After 60 plus years of marriage, they are still working together- and that is most beautiful part of it all.
Oh ** thanks to Jon for taking most of these pictures, including the super cool shot from outside a window with what looks like my Grandmother (blue shirt ) on the inside- it's actually her reflection as she and I were standing off to the side.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Open House Studios

Last night I went to a studio open house at Downtown Presbyterian Church. Four artists- Richard Feaster, Tasha French, Beth Gilmore and Tom Wills- currently work out of rooms on the historic building's 3rd floor. It's such an impressive building & and even more impressive that the church is so welcoming to these Nashville artists. Beth Gilmore, founder & owner of Twist Gallery in the Arcade seems to be quite at home in her spacious studio. She's got alot going on- stencils, clay, paint, canvas, frames, books, sketches, prints- I love it! Check out photos above: her studio with works in progress, as well as the room adjacent to hers.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Chill"axin' at the ultra - lounge, whatever an ultra -lounge is.

Untitled ( artist group) held a winter show at Layl'a Rul in Nashville last night. The show, titled "Chill", drew a pretty large crowd. Folks crowded in to admire the art, mingle, and warm up with a drink or four. participating in Untitled is a great way for local artists to get to know one another. If you're a newcomer to the scene it's the most un- intimidating way to get involved showing your art; each artist enters one piece, and it's a one night only show. Look into it!
Untitled Artist Group

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Newest Nashville Arts Mag

You've got toPICK UP A COPY OF THE Nashville Arts Magazine December - January issue. Flip straight to page 37 for the good stuff. KIDDING. Read the entire thing cover to back, and then repeat.

Winchester, V.A.

Guess who just saw SNOW!!!! I did ! But even better: I saw Grandma & Granddad Brown, aunt Debbie, her husband Doug, and my cousin Laura. Jon and I drove to Winchester, VA this week, and had a wonderful time visiting the family. We also did a little exploring around town. My favorite is the historic downtown area. There are buildings from the 1800's, cobblestone sidewalks, & lots of apple paraphernalia. In case you didn't know: Winchester is the birthplace/ home of Patsy Cline AND the White House Apple Juice Headquarters. There are apple orchards outside the city, and every Spring there is an Apple Blossom Parade! I have many memories of the parade... my dad & granddad loaded us kids into a red wagon and walked downtown to watch the parade. (Even though we could barely sit still long enough to watch it- Aaron & I usually ended up running through the front lawn of the First Baptist Church instead.) Above are pictures of a mossy cobblestone sidewalk downtown & some of the fantastic old houses. Also, the snow picture is taken in front of my grandparents house. My grandfather, Gerald Brown, built it himself in 1964!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

December's First Saturday Gallery Crawl

December 1st, also first Saturday of the month= downtown gallery crawl! The weather was actual a bit nicer then what I was expecting; walking around a couple blocks to galleries was do- able in the not -quite- frigid- yet winter air. I did not go to the gallery formerly known as TAG, but I did visit the Arcade. It was a great mix of art work & people; one particular artist at Dangenart Gallery caught my eye. His work was done with smoke on vellum; the results were swirly, shadowy, and kind of spooky- I like it. If only I could remember his name:( Has anyone seen this/ know who I'm talking about? I just may have to go back and find out.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Best Little Theatre Ever

Last night was the opening reception for my show at the Public Theatre of Kentucky in Bowling Green. This little theatre in historic downtown used to be an auto body shop, but has been renovated over the past 30 years to host theatre, music, AND visual art events. Inside and out, you can tell alot of love has gone into this colorful building ( the bathroom is painted an amazing hot pink, ladies!!!).
Andee Rudloff has been involved with the theatre for years, and she is the one that invited me to show in the gallery space. Andee curates for the theatre, among many other places, and recently started working in the education department at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. While we (Jon & I ) were in Bowling Green last night, she gave us a tour of her fabulously renovated house that is right across from the theatre! True to her imaginative & wildly creative spirit, the renovations include: a loft bedroom, a spiral staircase, multi-colored tiling in a custom design, & ceiling windows in the living room. Yes, it IS awesome.
I'm thrilled to be showing with the Public Theatre of Kentucky; my work will hang through Dec 16th. The production, " The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", is running through December 16th as well. Check out their website for additional info: