Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does There Have To Be A First Time For Everything?

What a gorgeous autumn week in Nashville. After almost two weeks of daily rain and general gloominess, the sun is FINALLY back out. The timing is perfect for me, as I've been preparing to start this outdoor mural. It's been a little while since I've done mural work, but I definitely do enjoy it. This project is to beautify/ bring life to a formerly dark and dull-ish space. I'm taking lots of "before" and "after", as well as "in between" pics; I'm pretty excited about this transformation!
My goal for this job is to complete it by Saturday afternoon- just in time for the First Saturday Art Crawl. By the way, I'm dying to see Julia Martin and David Hellam's work at the Rymer this Saturday. Now for the details: the mural is on the Downtown Presbyterian Church's elevator door. The elevator is located near Church Street right around from the sanctuary's entrance. It's adjacent to the Viridian building, if that helps. I don't think you'll be able to miss it!
I do have a couple fun facts for you regarding today's process of painting in public; these facts, hopefully, will illustrate what a glamorous life I lead. First, setting up to begin work, a stranger approached me and asked "Are you hungry?". He glanced at the cardboard I'd spread next to the door; I was using it as a drop cloth, but apparently that combined with my ratty work clothes/ no make-up look made me easily mistaken for a homeless woman. Second, while most passersby went quickly and quietly on their way, a handful stopped to chat. So, when one particular passerby lingered, commenting "Pretty door", I didn't think much of it. I thought he might be drunk so I (unfortunately) kept an eye on him. He took a couple steps passed me then stopped and faced the same wall as me. I had a horrible feeling I knew what was about to happen. When I heard the trickling sound 5 seconds later, it was no longer a feeling- but a reality. Yes, a stranger urinated next to me as I worked. Really. Third, although this is not directly a part of the process, I feel it bears mentioning- there is a gentleman I see regularly walking in my neighborhood (Wedgewood between 8th and 21st)who perplexes me. I'd say he's in his late 50's and has a passion for pimp fashion. On any given day this is the type of ensemble you'll catch him sporting: tight rolled (on one leg) acid wash jeans, a silk button down, a black cowboy hat, pointy boots, and assorted costume jewelry. My man, where do you even find this stuff? Where are you going? WHO ARE YOU? Please don't ever pee next to me.

Sound Art

about SoundCrawl:Nashville Picture a Saturday night in Nashville when all the galleries are open. Beautiful people, drinks in hand, drift from one gallery to another to experience the best the city has to offer in visual art.

Now imagine that at various points along the way something new has been added, an opportunity to experience a new kind of art, art that you HEAR....sound art.

So in between the experience of the visual arts, artists and guests alike gather to listen to....a rhythmic beat of water drops....or a dizzying immersion of the sound of coins moving through space...synthetic audio wrapping around, tickling the ear drums of the city.

That evening is coming to Nashville on October 3, from 6-9pm, with SoundCrawl:Nashville.

For the first time ever, Nashville will introduce a sound art festival in conjunction with the city's monthly Art Crawl. On October 3 Nashvillians will be among the first in the nation to experience a festival of this type, an international festival bringing new compositions from all over the world.

Where better to introduce this than Music City.

about the ArtCrawl: (from www.artatthearcade.com):Every first Saturday of the month, the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville comes to life with over one thousand visitors. Multiple galleries open their doors to avid art lovers as well as anyone else that is just curious to see what the Gallery Crawl is all about. Art at the Arcade is a collective organization that hosts an assortment of contemporary artists from throughout the world to Nashville.

about SoundArt: What is Sound Art? Between 1930 and 1965, composer Edgard Varèse gave a series of lectures that have since been collected and titled “The Liberation of Sound.” In these lectures, Varese was trying to understand – and explain – his own approach to sonic expression. He, along with Pierre Schaeffer and others, began to explore the organization of sonic materials – sounds from the ambient world, evolving electronic technology, and the traditional instruments used for centuries– in any and every combination into cohesive works of audio art on phonograph (and then tape, and now computer).

The only definition that seemed to fit his music was simply: “organized sound.”

This definition has been given several labels through the years: musique concrète (in the French, Varèse and Schaeffer’s native tongue), electroacoustic music, sound collage, sound music, sound art, etc., etc. Some of these labels focus on very specific types of audio used. Some do not. Each one, however, is all encompassing of sound. Any sound. That has been organized in some way.

It’s a pretty broad definition.

The cultural and mechanical forces that influenced Varèse and Schaeffer have only become more powerful in the intervening years. With the advent of the computer and audio software, the production possibilities of sound organization – something that this town knows a bit about - seem endless. This power has brought with it technological ubiquity – computers are everywhere – and with ubiquity has come the commonplace, and with the commonplace comes the ability to focus not only on the medium (the technology used) but also on the expression (the art of the sounds used). And has changed the art of sound as we know it.

So what is sound art?

Sound \'saund\: the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing

Art \'ärt\: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects

Sound Art \'saund ' ärt\: The conscious use of skill and creative imagination in producing aesthetic sensations perceived by the sense of hearing.

Sound. Collage. Expression. Audio. Organization. Consciousness. Creativity. Music. Art.

about the Directors: Kyle J. Baker and Aaron Hoke Doenges

Kyle J. Baker is a composer and creator in Nashville, Tennessee. While thoughtful and quick-witted in person, Kyle's raw, rhythmic and cacaphonic music turns the classical idiom on its ear. When not orchestrating cacaphony Kyle dreams up new experiences drawing on his background in theatre and interest in disruptive innovation. His music can be found at kylejbaker.com; his ideas can be found at thinkingcreator.net.

Aaron Hoke Doenges is an electroacoustic composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. While influences ranging from J.S. Bach and Arnold Schoenberg to John Cage, Edgard Varese', Jonty Harrison, Radiohead and Sigur Ros are present in Doenges’ approach to music, he blends his unique electroacoustic style through a collage of aural pictures. He explores through listening, writing and musical experimentation, searching the world around him for thoughts, sounds and melodies that can be pieced together in ways to provoke attention, thought and perhaps dialog. Music and other info can be found at www.aaronhokedoenges.com.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bigger Pictures and Discovering Music City

I thought I wouldn't get around to posting these till tomorrow, but I just can't wait! This morning I installed the fall window display at Rodney Mitchell's Salon in Hillsboro Village. The inspiration was vaguely "back to school"; the focus of my interpretation is the travel. Stacks and stacks of old books can be a world of information and comfort, so I've included them amongst the suitcases of our Nashville bound student- let's call her Autumn. Traveling to a new city is one of my favorite learning experiences. Autumn is a traveler, too. She looked around the globe for the next destination, and decided to check out Music City. Maybe she'll like it, maybe she'll love what she discovers and will stay awhile, but Autumn still has worlds yet to be explored!

Can't Help Myself; Must Re-Post!

"An 8-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Katjinga, took a liking to Paulinchen, a little pot-bellied piglet after she was abandoned by her family in Germany.

Katjinga's owners breed a pair of Vietnamese pigs and rescued the runt of the litter after seeing she had been rejected by her parents and the rest of her litter!

Katjinga had puppies of her own 10 months ago so her owners thought she might take on the responsibility to care for little Paulinchen the Pig and sure enough the two are now inseparable. Katjinga even started nursing again for the little piggy!"

This is a re- post from Perez Hilton, of all places!
Just couldn't resist.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Discover Music City

It's kind of a theme, a tiny hint, a delightful little morsel of the bigger picture.
I'll post the bigger picture on Friday!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Recently I recommended the website Petfinder.com to someone who is interested in getting a dog, and this morning I got on it just to look. It's a national website with great information and search features. We found Seamus and Aka on it! It's incredible how many sweet babies are out there, waiting for a loving home. If you are considering adding a pet to your family, check out Petfinder.com as a compassionate alternative to buying a puppy from a breeder (which can often come from a backyard breeder/ puppy mill- NOT someone who is a responsible dog breeder).
If you decide you want and can commit to caring for a new BFF, here are a couple cuties :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forever the Window Shopper

So dramatic, so dark, so elegant; you know I love these Louis Vuitton for Fall '09 pieces. Yes, they're a little over the top but for me the designs on the runway are great inspiration. The colors, shapes, textures can always be translated into a version that is more affordable/ every- day wearable.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expensive Taste

Although I am reluctant to leave the warm sunny days behind, I must admit, new fall clothes DO perk me up! These looks from the Burberry Prorsum Fall runway are super luxe. Satiny, rich, voluminous, and dark- I 'll take it.

Because Style Isn't Just About What You Wear

I found this great D.I.Y. idea in the September '09 issue of InStyle, and loved it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coming Soon to A Door Near You

Last week I started sketches for an upcoming project. The goal is to bring new life to an existing doorway, that is currently dingy and dark. I'm picturing a sunset you would see in your dreams- like the sky on fire. Then, there's a tree...

The tree's leafless branches are brought to life and color by a bevy of blue Monarchs; it will be home to the grace and beauty of hundreds of delicate lives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heavenly, Heavenly Day(s)

I have been taking it easy lately, soaking up every last bit of summery goodness I can. So I haven't blogged, painted, worked new shows, etc- I 've just been taking time to enjoy all the rest my life has to offer. This past weekend I had the joy of visiting and celebrating with a handful of people who mean so much to me. Old friends, new friends, family; time spent with them reminds me of what is important, what I need.
Let me just run through the weekend from start to finish just to share it all with you (and maybe some of you HAVE already shared it with me)! Friday evening Jon and his band, Eastern Block, played at Exit In. They played a tight show, and were supported by fans, friends, and family. It's so good to see people doing and succeeding at what they love. Even after Eastern Block played, I stayed for the WHOLE show. For me, that's almost unheard of! If it's late and I don't feel like sitting through a mediocre band's set, I leave. Not Friday night- the following bands were so good I didn't want to leave, or even sit. All the Relatives rocked, then Star Death and the White Dwarfs did their own bad ass thing.

On Saturday aches, a sore throat, and congestion let me know I was coming down with a cold. Bummer, but it wasn't bad enough to keep me at home. My dear friend Brandi Holley came in from MS for the weekend. Her brother (and his family) also live in Nashville, so lucky me, I get to see her whenever she visits them. Her company feels so comforting; we sat for hours on Bongo Java's porch catching up. She has been a good friend since college- it's one of the oldest friendships I have. Brandi, I hope you know how much I love you! Saturday evening was the wedding of super sweet newer friends Emily Harper and Chuck Beard; the celebration so perfectly suited them, too. They held a small ceremony in the Japanese Gardens at Cheekwood, and then had the BEST reception at Werthan Lofts. Emily was the most beautiful I've ever seen her; she wore the prettiest vintage style gown and a smile that didn't stop! Guests were invited to wear Derby hats to the reception as a nod to Chuck's KY roots. I spotted some killer feathery numbers, but the best were the handmade pieces by Mark Sloniker. All fairy tales and magic, they were the most intricate and imaginative hats you've ever seen. I'm really hoping the photographers got good shots of those; I'll share them if they did. Also, longtime favorite Venus Hum played! Annette sang "Heavenly Day" by Patti Griffin to Emily, and it truly was heavenly. Emily Beard. That's going to take some getting used to. Mad love to newlyweds Emily and Chuck!

Sunday morning I continued to ache and cough, but I was so looking forward to our afternoon plans, I didn't stay in bed. Jon and I drove out to the Jone's for lunch and swimming. They got a brand new pool, perfect for playing around and seeing Blake and Luke's excellent swimming skills. Blake can swim all by himself! Can you believe it?!!!Later that evening I had dinner and some chill hanging out time with Brandi. Hmmm. If only she'd move here...

Monday, thankfully, brought a much less sickly me. Della, her mom, and sister, were in town to do a little dress shopping and stopped to eat lunch with me at the Cheesecake Factory. Yay- for yummy food and for the chance to hang out with those 3 wonderful ladies; I wish that happened more often. Full belly and all, I headed to the pool, where I spent the entire afternoon. I slept, I rested, and I even got to visit with Liz when she came by after work. We talked about art, what we're doing with it, shows, and all kinds of good stuff. It's nice to relate to and bounce ideas off of other artists, and I value her openness toward doing that. She's such a hard worker, too, which brings me to my next point...

I'm over the frustrated/ discouraged slump (for now). I'm officially back from my self- imposed hiatus!