Friday, February 25, 2011

Love & Marriage

I saw this evaluation on a friend's  blog and couldn't resist stealing it! (Do I get demerits for that?)

I'm fairly pleased to say I scored -4; honestly, I thought it would be a greater negative number. I mean- not only do I wear red nail polish, I sometimes wear black and never, NEVER dress for breakfast! Thank goodness times have changed! However, I came across this article when I researched the chart (because I thought maybe it was a joke!) that points out, some things have actually stayed very much the same. Personally, I just don't think a chart or online quiz can ever actually assess the compatibility of two human beings.

"People still rate their partners' characteristics as positive or negative, though the standards have changed. Husbands may not expect the same behaviors from their wives anymore, but some of its items--such as 'squeezing toothpaste from the top'- may still resonate with us today."
~Nick Joyce and David B. Baker, PhD

P.S. Is there a "Husband's Chart" out there?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Late February Fog

I am in such a funk these days. I feel this picture is a good analogy for how I am functioning. Winter is dragging on, and S.A.D. is taking it's toll. Most days when I get out of the day job, I just want to go home and get in bed. The thought of working in the studio seems so far away, an impossibility almost. My creativity, energy, and motivation are at a low point.

The best remedy I have found so far for this winter depression is activity. I set a goal which I will need to follow a structured training plan for, and then I rely on friends to keep me going. This spring I chose the Country Music Full Marathon as my goal. It will be my first full marathon- 26.2 miles throughout the rolling streets of Nashvegas on April 30.

I began training having painful  I.T. Band issues, but with a little physical therapy and lots of hip/ core strengthening exercises, I am back. I am thankful for my good health. Last weekend I ran 15 miles- the furthest I've ever run!

I am also thankful for my running group, East Nasty, and the great friends I have met through it. Recently, I have been inspired by a new runner, Roy, who decided he was ready to get healthy and took on the challenge of running the Tomato Fest 5k this past summer. After successfully completing that, he decided to train for the Country Music Half Marathon. At the end of a run last week, Roy suffered a heart attack. Thankfully kind people and capable medics were able to save him and no permanent damage was done.Years of unhealthy diet and exercise habits result often result in clogged arteries; heart diseases is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for men and women. Heart health is one of the great benefits of running, and I'm glad Roy started running when he did so that he had a stronger heart to get him through when he suffered the heart attack. He is recovering quickly and plans to continue training. What a great reminder of how important it really is to take care of our bodies, to eat and exercise so that health problems such as heart disease are not an impending fear.

To positive changes, to Roy, and to running- it's never too late to make a difference!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early Spring?

Last week after the groundhog predicted an early spring, this is what we got. Some hills even got caution taped off!
Eighth Avenue at sunrise last Thursday morning after we got a sudden several inches of snow accumulation overnight and the roads hadn't cleared yet. I kinda liked it!

Oh, my mild temped state- what has happened here over the past year has been bizarre. An epic flood in the spring caused tragedy, sweltering heat in the summer suffocated some people, and now a half dozen mini snows. I'm so over this winter. Where is my early spring, little groundhog?

I have to admit, the snow does make me enjoy winter more. It brings a crystalline, pure beauty to a time that otherwise feels like endless dreary gray  mess to me. Waking up and walking outside through a dazzling blanket of snow still gives me a childlike sense of wonder. I enjoyed it, ran in it, made snow angels in it- but still hope its the last of it's kind for this year. The forecast is looking up this week, and I may just be coming out of semi- hibernation soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Racing for Wounded Warriors Project

On March 12th I am racing in a 10 mile event called the "Tough Mudder" ; it is an obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. The course will be over 10 miles, and will include 18 obstacles such as scaling walls, hurdles in the mud, climbing through tunnels, jumping over fire, etc!

 I am dedicating my race to our countries severely injured service men and women. I am slightly terrified (if you check out the website, you'll know why!), but ready to take it on. Although this will be a BIG challenge for me; I know it is a small thing in comparison to the toughness our injured service men, women, and their families exhibit in their everyday lives.  I ask you to support me in this goal by donating to the nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project. 

Here are some details about the project:

The W.W.Projects goals are:
* To raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members.
* To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
* To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.
Wounded Warrior Project began when several individuals took small, inspired actions to help others in need. 
 One night while watching the evening news, a group of veterans and brothers in Roanoke, VA were moved by the difficult stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. They realized then and there that something needed to be done for these brave individuals beyond the brass bands and ticker tape parades. WWP began as a small, grassroots effort to provide immediate assistance when a warrior of this generation was injured. They felt the most good could be done by providing more comprehensive programs and services to the newly injured, rather than spreading too thin by trying to help all veterans. They also knew there were many terrific veterans' organizations for warriors from previous conflicts, but very few focused on serving our newest generation.

The support and resources WWP provides for physical and mental injuries is very impactful. Please donate on my fundraising page HERE . Twenty dollars or five dollars, no amount is too small to matter!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. "
       - Aesop

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finally, A New Post!

The Groundhog predicted an early spring, but no signs of it yet in Nashville! We're still having winter weather advisory's and all kinds of unpleasant weather. It's been weighing on me a lot lately, just sapping my energy away. Due to that fact, I wasn't feeling super social during this past Saturday night's Art Crawl so I just did a quick run through. My favorite parts were Julie Lee's solo show at DPC, and Suspension at Twist- a show by Jamie Raybin and Ryan Hogan. In Suspension, one piece read, "There is a specific form of perfectionism where you can't make decisions, can't commit to anything, for fear of being wrong." It struck a major chord with me. I think about it and realize this kind of perfectionism inhibits areas of my life that are very important to me.

On the topic of perfectionism and fear, I watched Black Swan a couple weeks ago. Upon walking out of the theater I honestly didn't know if I liked it. Unfortunately, I had already heard a lot about the plot, so some of the suspense was missing for me. Here I am though, weeks later, thinking of it. After letting it sink in (I think I needed to because it was absolutely dizzying) I am appreciating it more and more. And the costume design by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, doesn't hurt!