Monday, October 24, 2011

How Much Difference Does It Make

PBS aired Cameron Crowe's new documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, over the weekend. As someone who "grew up" with their music in high school I totally enjoyed the video footage of their early performances, interviews with the seemingly personable band members, and an update about what they've been up to in recent years.

To me, the first half of the movie was the best part. The second half jumps around a bit, and doesn't go into much depth about what has really influenced where they're at now. I wish their had been interviews with close friends, wives, or family. I wish difficult questions had been asked. Are they still friends? Do they still make music together? When they made Vitalogy and started to implode as a band, what kept them from breaking up? Do they feel like they will now that Vedder is pursuing a solo project? I'm sure Cameron Crowe is dying to know what I think of his film, so will you pass this on to him if you have a chance? Great. Thanks.

So, Pearl Jam. I heart them. I heart them for wanting to make a difference and for being passionate about their work.
Here are a few comments from documentary interview footage that particularly interested me, for whatever reason:

"a real person, not a person trying to sound like another person"- on hearing Vedder's vocals.

"[we were] strangers coming from a similar place"- on Vedder joining the rest of the band, who were already friends.

"maybe talking about the dark parts of my life brings me happiness"-on why their music had an edge of "darkness", and would it ever be "happier".

"a grammy. what does it mean? you get an award for art?that's ridiculous!"-on being awarded a grammy, obv.

Also, who doesn't love a good plaid flannel shirt? No one, that's who. Get on your favorite flannel, crank up some rock & roll, and next time your friends are standing around in a group try diving into them!

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