Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Crawl, Art Crawl, ART CRAWL!

This past week, 3 separate middle TN "art crawl" events lined up in succession to form a fantastical art-filled weekend. The Hillsboro Village Art Walk kicked it all off on Thursday evening. Next, Franklin held their very FIRST art crawl on Friday night. Last, a tip- top Downtown Art Crawl bubbled out into Nashville's downtown art's district on Saturday evening.
Each event had a distinct vibe. Hillsboro Village is nice and low-key: an unpretentious creative mixed- bag. Franklin was worth the trip! I don't know how long it will stay this way, but since it is brand new there was a lot of excitement going around, and the effort the participating places had put into it was obvious. And enjoyable. I didn't feel cramped for space, the art was good, and everywhere I went I was regaled with delicious food and wine! However, nothing tops a downtown art crawl and this was indeed a respectable one. Downtown Presbyterian featured the annual children's art show, which I was happily involved with, albeit in a minor way. I got to "decorate" the 5th Ave entrance- see pics below!

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