Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time Flies

Logging in, I noticed my last post was on the 11th! Wow. It feels like barely a weeks gone by. It's been a busy past couple of weeks - a good busy. Sometimes I have busy weeks, and when they're over I can't remember exactly what it was I did that made things so busy. Disappointing. If I'm worn out, I'd like to have something to show for it!
Well, like I said, this was a good couple of weeks: I had dinners with friends that I love, planted flowers and veggies in the garden, continued triathlon training, spent time with Jon, worked -of course, and finished setting up my new studio. Thanks to the guys in Eastern Block (and Craig's List)- I now have a comfy couch in my studio! It was the final element necessary to make it the perfect work space. That implies I can't work without a couch, which implies all kinds of laziness I guess. Whatev. I like to sit in comfort to draw, and my painting partners gotta have a place to chill!
Today I started the first painting since moving into the new space :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Room With a View

So, here it is! The new studio space. Isn't it wonderfully open and full of light? When I get everything situated, you'll have to come visit!

NY, cont'd.

The only picture Omari will ever look small in.
I cannot resist an animal print.
Or thick paint.

So, back to the bizarre. Perusing the galleries in Chelsea is such a mixed bag, and I do love that. Some installation, some photograph, a little video, printmaking, painting, and so on. I snapped shots of some paintings that caught my eye, as well as some ginormous statues that couldn't possibly not catch my eye. To give you an idea of their scale, my 7' tall friend Omari is standing next to one.

New York, New York

In the distant right hand side is the Statue of Liberty
Cinco de Mayo chardonnay!
Laura, David, me, April
Bunny & I outside the Lever House.

Last week I had a lovely trip to Manhattan. The weather was sunny and 70- lucky me- it was perfect walking weather! And running weather, apparently. I packed my running apparel (only 2 months, 19 days till triathlon time) so I could keep in shape while travelling; early in the mornings I ran through Central Park, and around midtown. Turns out, this is a great way to explore the park; I saw more of it than I've ever been able to see just walking through. I even ran the loop around the reservoir and pretended I was in a movie...I can't believe I just told you, yeah, I enjoyed it. Oh, there were also many, many cute dogs playing in the park, flowers and trees blossoming, birds chirping, etc. that only added to the movie- esque- ness.
I went to the accessories and jewelry market the first half of the week with April and Susan, of "the Finch". On Cinco de Mayo, April and I enjoyed a roof top patio at sunset with David and Laura (exhibitors at the market). Walking back that night, we went by the Lever House where I found supersized Hello Kitty statues! The next night, I got to see fellow Nashvillian K.S. Rhodes play at the Rockwood Music Hall in the East Village with Lizzie E. singing background vocals! On the way home that night I took a pic of one of my favorite cathedrals; it's like a baby castle among skyscrapers. I also did some shopping ( I heart H& M) and scored a new Betsey Johnson dress at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg. AHHAHAHAAA :) Also, I went to Chelsea to do some gallery exploring, which I have mixed feelings about. Some was bad, some was good, and some just bizarre for bizarre's sake.
Gotta go, but ladies: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Posting the Show Poster

Being surrounded by creative people is such a great thing! Alene Day is a friend who does excellent work making one -of- a kind show posters, and she just made one for Jon's band, Eastern Block. I just love it- and so do they!
Additional show details: 21 and up. $5 door. set starts at 10:30