Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Could We Do to Make a Difference in 2010?

The Contributor, Nashville's homeless newspaper, is starting the new year right; they are holding a benefit party during art crawl.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wintery Rodney Mitchell Wonderland

My latest frenzied project is complete: the Christmas window for Rodney Mitchell Salon in Hillsboro Village.

Monday, December 7, 2009

If You Missed Handmade in the Arcade...

This was my crafty little table at Handmade in the Arcade. I am participating in a craft fair this Saturday to benefit Safe Haven, and I will have similar gifty items availble there! It's at Crema on Saturday the 12th from 4- 8:00pm. Come on by and jingle some merry stuff to deck your halls with. That's right.

Pre-Opening Pics

My solo show of paintings opened on the evening of December 5th, to a chilly but successful reception. This show is particularly exciting to me because I was able to alter the gallery space a little and really create an environment specific to my work. Employing a technique I frequently use in my work, I painted the windows and then added paint "frames" to surround select pieces. The floor is painted a vibrant bubblegum pink to heighten and confirm the boldly feminine nature of my work. This show will hang until the end of December. Please visit it during Twist's open hours or contact me and I will happily arrange a viewing time.

Twist, Etc. Solo Show

December 5th 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi My Name Is Sarah and I'm A Workaholic

I'm spending this gray day madly assembling glittery objects for my next project. I am pretty beat though from my TWO shows yesterday, so I see lots of coffee in the near future. Tired as I am, I can't complain because I can honestly say I love what I do. Exciting things are happening all around me, and I am surrounded by wonderfully inspiring people. Thank you to all of you who came out and saw my work yesterday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shoo, Girl- Your Glitter is Extra-Fine

Recently, I was introduced to extra- fine Martha Stewart glitter; we've been BFF's ever since. Half of the projects in my studio have a sparkly glow; I just can't help myself. The gift tags and postcard pictured are samples of what you'll find at my Handmade in the Arcade table. Come see!
~December 5th from 1-9:00pm ~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"7 Questions" to Open December 5th

The opening reception for my solo show at Twist 58 Gallery* is set for December 5th from 6- 9:00pm. This event is free and open to the public; please be invited!

"7 Questions"
I hope to reflect ideas through my work. What I have been creating has stemmed from hundreds of questions flying around in my head. Some of these questions are:
What is meaningful?
What is superficial?
What makes me happy, and why?
What is beauty?
Why are some things that are beautiful labeled superficial?
Does beauty equal weakness in your eyes?
In exhibiting my work I am not attempting to present answers, rather hoping to reflect my questions.
My pieces are typically a mix of medias (spray paint, acrylic, colored pencil) on canvas. Most of all, I love the intensity and texture of oil paint.

* Twist 58 Gallery is located in the heart of downtown Nashville in the historic Arcade building. It is on the upper level in space 58.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dec. 5th Save the Date

Don't forget to set aside a little time to come by the Arcade on December 5th if you live in or around Nashville. My crafty wares will be at a booth on the ground level as part of Handmade in the Arcade, the artisan and craft fair, from 1-9:00. Also, I will be hosting the opening reception of my new show at Twist Gallery 58 from 6-9:00. I'm looking forward to a full next several weeks, bringing everything to completion for the big day.
P.S. "Tiny Tim" pictured above is an example of my crafty wares. He is an original watercolor portrait that fits easily into a standard 5" x 7" frame. Take him home or give him as a gift, but either way you can have this cutie for a steal- only $20!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm sitting with Aka on this rocky bluff near Sewanee; it's called Piney Point. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. This is pretty much it. I do a lot of complaining about Fall and Winter, but I'm really thankful for this stunningly sunny November day in the mountains.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Post- First Saturday

I hope a great weekend was had by all. It was absolutely gorgeous in Nashville! The art/ craft market that I participated in, Handmade in the Arcade, went quite well. Actually, it went delightfully well for a first time event. It was well organized and ran smoothly. It was well received and attended. It is something I will do again in December.
My booth- mate (is that a word?), Janet Lee rocked. She crafts all kinds of mixed media objects: collaged ornaments, stuffed characters made of hand painted fabric, illustration style prints- a plethora of imaginative goodies. Check her out online here or at Art and Invention Gallery in east Nashville.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Handmade is Here

Meet the new crew I've been working on (among other things!) this afternoon at the Handmade in the Arcade event. It's all afternoon AND this evening from 1-9:00 pm. Get your early Christmas gift shop on!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Handmade on November 7th

There's brand new addition/ expansion to the highly successful First Saturday Art Crawl in downtown Nashville! For November and December's First Saturday I will be a vendor along with a crew of other indie artists and crafty folk. Come out early for easy parking!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Refilling the Well

On a tip from a friend (thanks Geoff) I bought a new book by author and cartoonist Hugh MacLeod. The title "Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity" pretty much tips you off to it's subject matter; I'm on number 36 and have totally enjoyed it. It has an awesomely humorous edge, and a very realistic take on creative endeavors, making it well worth $23.95 plus shipping.
Chapter 25 "Don't worry about finding inspiration. It comes eventually." is a pretty good example. I want to just type up the whole dang chapter, but I'm afraid you'll get bored. Also, the book is worth buying- so get it! I thought of the chapter today- this afternoon. This afternoon I was having adventures, living life with the people I love and "refilling my well". My well of inspiration needs to be full to overflowing so that I have something to offer in my work; I need enough energy and ideas that I can communicate something worth your time. I can't help myself, I'm going to type part of the chapter, but I WILL limit myself to one paragraph.
"Conversely, neither should you fret too much about "writer's block," or "artist's block," or whatever. If you're looking at a blank piece of paper and nothing comes to you, then go do something else. Writer's block is just a symptom of feeling like you have nothing to say, combined with the rather weird idea that you feel the need to say something."
The pictures are from our trip out to Honeysuckle Hill Farm. I would highly recommend it! I think we ended up with one of the most beautiful autumn days possible. The trees are finally starting to blaze with color, and after a month of rainy coolness the sun came out and warmed our faces. Plus, I got to see pigs race-
what more could I ask for?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Funsies

I'm working on a project just for me now, just for fun. Soon I will be the proud owner of a new road bike with a silver fleck and leopard print custom paint finish!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Done and DONE!

I wrapped up work on the door mural today. I am pleased with the result, as well as the opportunity itself. Contributing my work to be a part of a historic institution such as the Downtown Presbyterian Church is really such an honor.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fire Finches in Fall

It's a new window for the new season; the Fall window display for Fire Finch is up at the Hillsboro Village store. I kind of LOVE it. Have you been in lately? There's been quite the transformation- and all done by the Finches themselves!

Still Going

I'm in the final stages of the door mural. Yippee! Hopefully the weather will be less soggy tomorrow though, because the paint is drying super slow today.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's been a rainy, lazy Sunday evening; the Mr. and I are just lounging around the house. Predictably, I've spent some time browsing the interwebs. On one most gorgeous blog, I fell in love with Pamela Love's work. Thus the stunning picture. Click here for more.

Ms.Love's website also mentions this awesome fact: "Pamela Love collaborated with retailer Opening Ceremony to create jewelry inspired by Spike Jonze's 2009 film Where The Wild Things Are. These limited-edition pieces will be available online and in-store at Opening Ceremony, as well as in other specialty boutiques worldwide." WHAT?! Yes, I love it. The ram's head ring and the wide bracelets make me want to plan a jewelry heist. I kid, I kid.

You know what else is just a bundle of badness? POSTERNA, the current exhibit at the Rymer Gallery in Nashville. Until, October 10th Julia Martin and David Hellam's work will be there for you to drool over. Or stare at longingly. Either way, get down there THIS WEEK!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does There Have To Be A First Time For Everything?

What a gorgeous autumn week in Nashville. After almost two weeks of daily rain and general gloominess, the sun is FINALLY back out. The timing is perfect for me, as I've been preparing to start this outdoor mural. It's been a little while since I've done mural work, but I definitely do enjoy it. This project is to beautify/ bring life to a formerly dark and dull-ish space. I'm taking lots of "before" and "after", as well as "in between" pics; I'm pretty excited about this transformation!
My goal for this job is to complete it by Saturday afternoon- just in time for the First Saturday Art Crawl. By the way, I'm dying to see Julia Martin and David Hellam's work at the Rymer this Saturday. Now for the details: the mural is on the Downtown Presbyterian Church's elevator door. The elevator is located near Church Street right around from the sanctuary's entrance. It's adjacent to the Viridian building, if that helps. I don't think you'll be able to miss it!
I do have a couple fun facts for you regarding today's process of painting in public; these facts, hopefully, will illustrate what a glamorous life I lead. First, setting up to begin work, a stranger approached me and asked "Are you hungry?". He glanced at the cardboard I'd spread next to the door; I was using it as a drop cloth, but apparently that combined with my ratty work clothes/ no make-up look made me easily mistaken for a homeless woman. Second, while most passersby went quickly and quietly on their way, a handful stopped to chat. So, when one particular passerby lingered, commenting "Pretty door", I didn't think much of it. I thought he might be drunk so I (unfortunately) kept an eye on him. He took a couple steps passed me then stopped and faced the same wall as me. I had a horrible feeling I knew what was about to happen. When I heard the trickling sound 5 seconds later, it was no longer a feeling- but a reality. Yes, a stranger urinated next to me as I worked. Really. Third, although this is not directly a part of the process, I feel it bears mentioning- there is a gentleman I see regularly walking in my neighborhood (Wedgewood between 8th and 21st)who perplexes me. I'd say he's in his late 50's and has a passion for pimp fashion. On any given day this is the type of ensemble you'll catch him sporting: tight rolled (on one leg) acid wash jeans, a silk button down, a black cowboy hat, pointy boots, and assorted costume jewelry. My man, where do you even find this stuff? Where are you going? WHO ARE YOU? Please don't ever pee next to me.

Sound Art

about SoundCrawl:Nashville Picture a Saturday night in Nashville when all the galleries are open. Beautiful people, drinks in hand, drift from one gallery to another to experience the best the city has to offer in visual art.

Now imagine that at various points along the way something new has been added, an opportunity to experience a new kind of art, art that you HEAR....sound art.

So in between the experience of the visual arts, artists and guests alike gather to listen to....a rhythmic beat of water drops....or a dizzying immersion of the sound of coins moving through space...synthetic audio wrapping around, tickling the ear drums of the city.

That evening is coming to Nashville on October 3, from 6-9pm, with SoundCrawl:Nashville.

For the first time ever, Nashville will introduce a sound art festival in conjunction with the city's monthly Art Crawl. On October 3 Nashvillians will be among the first in the nation to experience a festival of this type, an international festival bringing new compositions from all over the world.

Where better to introduce this than Music City.

about the ArtCrawl: (from first Saturday of the month, the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville comes to life with over one thousand visitors. Multiple galleries open their doors to avid art lovers as well as anyone else that is just curious to see what the Gallery Crawl is all about. Art at the Arcade is a collective organization that hosts an assortment of contemporary artists from throughout the world to Nashville.

about SoundArt: What is Sound Art? Between 1930 and 1965, composer Edgard Varèse gave a series of lectures that have since been collected and titled “The Liberation of Sound.” In these lectures, Varese was trying to understand – and explain – his own approach to sonic expression. He, along with Pierre Schaeffer and others, began to explore the organization of sonic materials – sounds from the ambient world, evolving electronic technology, and the traditional instruments used for centuries– in any and every combination into cohesive works of audio art on phonograph (and then tape, and now computer).

The only definition that seemed to fit his music was simply: “organized sound.”

This definition has been given several labels through the years: musique concrète (in the French, Varèse and Schaeffer’s native tongue), electroacoustic music, sound collage, sound music, sound art, etc., etc. Some of these labels focus on very specific types of audio used. Some do not. Each one, however, is all encompassing of sound. Any sound. That has been organized in some way.

It’s a pretty broad definition.

The cultural and mechanical forces that influenced Varèse and Schaeffer have only become more powerful in the intervening years. With the advent of the computer and audio software, the production possibilities of sound organization – something that this town knows a bit about - seem endless. This power has brought with it technological ubiquity – computers are everywhere – and with ubiquity has come the commonplace, and with the commonplace comes the ability to focus not only on the medium (the technology used) but also on the expression (the art of the sounds used). And has changed the art of sound as we know it.

So what is sound art?

Sound \'saund\: the sensation perceived by the sense of hearing

Art \'ärt\: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects

Sound Art \'saund ' ärt\: The conscious use of skill and creative imagination in producing aesthetic sensations perceived by the sense of hearing.

Sound. Collage. Expression. Audio. Organization. Consciousness. Creativity. Music. Art.

about the Directors: Kyle J. Baker and Aaron Hoke Doenges

Kyle J. Baker is a composer and creator in Nashville, Tennessee. While thoughtful and quick-witted in person, Kyle's raw, rhythmic and cacaphonic music turns the classical idiom on its ear. When not orchestrating cacaphony Kyle dreams up new experiences drawing on his background in theatre and interest in disruptive innovation. His music can be found at; his ideas can be found at

Aaron Hoke Doenges is an electroacoustic composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. While influences ranging from J.S. Bach and Arnold Schoenberg to John Cage, Edgard Varese', Jonty Harrison, Radiohead and Sigur Ros are present in Doenges’ approach to music, he blends his unique electroacoustic style through a collage of aural pictures. He explores through listening, writing and musical experimentation, searching the world around him for thoughts, sounds and melodies that can be pieced together in ways to provoke attention, thought and perhaps dialog. Music and other info can be found at

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bigger Pictures and Discovering Music City

I thought I wouldn't get around to posting these till tomorrow, but I just can't wait! This morning I installed the fall window display at Rodney Mitchell's Salon in Hillsboro Village. The inspiration was vaguely "back to school"; the focus of my interpretation is the travel. Stacks and stacks of old books can be a world of information and comfort, so I've included them amongst the suitcases of our Nashville bound student- let's call her Autumn. Traveling to a new city is one of my favorite learning experiences. Autumn is a traveler, too. She looked around the globe for the next destination, and decided to check out Music City. Maybe she'll like it, maybe she'll love what she discovers and will stay awhile, but Autumn still has worlds yet to be explored!