Monday, February 23, 2009

Dialogue: Interaction for Growth

I am busting a** today, trying to finish new work for the D.I.G show. I have two new pieces in progress, and the show opens this Sunday! Here's some info about the show:

We at The Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville are planning a spring art show during
the church season of Lent called The D.I.G.Through Art Show (Dialogue:an Interaction for Growth).
The began in 1998 as an extension of our artists-in-residency program and has explored a
different theme each year during lent. Previous themes have included “Icons and Idols”,“Incarnation
and Risk”,“Human Sacrifice” and others.
Lent is the church season of 40 days (not including feast days) before Easter.Lent begins on
Ash Wednesday,Feb.25th and ends on Easter Sunday,April 12th. It is symbolic of both the 40 years of
Israel’s wandering in the desert and the 40 days Jesus spent fasting and being tempted in the wild. We
feel this is an appropriate season to invite artists from our community to join us in wrestling with the
challenges of our faith. We are asking you to participate by submitting a piece of your art.
This year’s theme is “Embodiment”. Alongside the art show,the church will be hosting a film
series on the same theme with a light meal provided before and opportunities for discussion after
each film.
There will be a preview opening at NOON after our 11:00 AM worship on Sunday,March 1st
2009. The grand opening reception and presentation of the purchase award will be on Saturday,
March 7th 2009 from 6:00-9:00 PM and will coincide with the 1st Saturday Gallery Crawl and the church’s monthly Art-Luck Potluck dinner and art reception.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's what I've been up to. Obviously I haven't been up to much blogging lately; I haven't been up to much of anything lately. It's been kinda like this: January (dark, cold, rainy, gray, dismal, old January) pushed me into a black hole (my warm bed) and I've been hibernating (sleeping alot and eating even more) since. It's great. By great I mean miserable. Alas, alack (sp?), it happens every winter. I promise to re- emerge into the world as a normal human being once the sun starts to shine a little more. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Cupcakes:the First Attempt

Yellow cake, white icing, valentines candy corn, sour candies...should I add something else with sugar?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Intro to First Saturday Gallery Crawl in Downtown .Nashvegas

This Saturday, the 7th, is the first Saturday of the month- hence the First Saturday Gallery Crawl. I realized there will be some peeps I know going that have never been before, and decided there should be an illustrated intro to this whole dealio. This is a basic map pointing out my favorite stops in the area. There are several more places along the way, so if you've got time by all means check them out. If you're not good with time, and need to prioritize destinations, these are my top picks for February.

1) Downtown Presbyterian Church (Yes, it's a church. Enter the big dining hall on the 5th Ave side.): Elizabeth Streight and Sarah Hearld exhibit photography. They got the Scene's "Critic's Pick"!
2) the Rymer: Looking forward to paintings by W.B. Tomkins.
3) Tinney Contemporary: "Stop Look Listen" Three unique artists focusing on the human body and communication.
4) the Arcade Building: the mini gallery mecca. There are quite a few of my favorite galleries on the upper level of the Arcade, such as Twist; just make a loop around the upper level and see! Oh, and, Eastern Block will be preforming live in the Arcade for this evening. YES.
5) Estel: It's worth the stroll over several blocks to 8th. It's a beautiful space that always hangs quality work.

I believe that sums it up! The only other detail is time; it goes from 6-9:00. Six may seem early, but I recommend not waiting till too late, because it's not fun to feel rushed (and the wine will run out by the end of the evening).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phil, I'm Not Mad at You Anymore

When I first saw Phil's fateful shadow had been cast, predicting 6 more dismal weeks of winter I was mad. Then, I googled for more info and what I found quickly dissolved my angry thoughts about Phil. I mean, hey, at least I didn't get yanked out of bed this morning and slung around in the air outside in front of 13, 000 people.

Click here for the Fox news article explaining the tradition, this morning's events, and more pics of Phil's privacy being violated.