Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday. Some people hate birthdays, some people love them. I am among the latter.
I wasn't expecting to do anything crazy, and nothing exactly earth shattering happened- yet it was a really, really good day!
Why? Because I am surrounded by thoughtful, sweet people. Just the fact that so many folks remembered and took the time to send me messages of birthday cheer during their busy days was quite touching. It also inspired me to make a bigger effort to reach out to others when their birthday's roll around! Sometimes the "little things" are bigger than we realize.
I 'm gonna go ahead and share my birthday wish: I hope I am blessed for many years to come with a life so full of caring friends and family.

P.S. Being given some rocking presents is pretty fun, too! Thanks Jon for the necklace, cupcakes, gift card, and errthang. Thanks Mom for the sparkly card and gift!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


A muggy August Art crawl just concluded in Downtown Nashville.
After a bit of an absence from that scene, I was glad I made the effort to get out and explore this one- good stuff! Jason Twiggy Lott's work at the The Rymer was gorgeous- dripping with dark Southern beauty. There were several fantastic shows in the Arcade,as well. Twist Gallery celebrated their 6th birthday with work by two Tennessee painters, Amanda Brazier and Patrick Brien. AND, their were birthday cupcakes. Happy Birthday Twist!!!
Now I'm up in the studio, playing around with a project of my own. Nothing to earth shattering, but something I enjoy EVERY time I get a commission- pet portraits! This guy is Bosco; no doubt he is a BFF to some lucky human out there. I hope they are happy with this when it's done-better get back to work!