Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back To Work!

I've been back at Fire Finch this week, and on Friday I put up a new window display in the Village store. In the spirit of the season I made a kite out of fabric, dowel rods, glue, and a little fishing line. It's sailing through bright blue sky below the fluffy white clouds, with a long fluttering tail!
It's difficult to get a good picture due to the glare off the window, so this pic is me looking up from underneath. You can't see the whole thing here, so maybe you should just drop by and check it out :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

And I Found A Fort.

Gunpowder Storage Room
I'm leaning back into a hole created a cannon ball hit.
Underground passage

The Atlantic in the distance
Fort Moultrie

Oh yes. I don't know what my deal is, but over the past couple of years I have become really intrigued by forts. If I were a ten year old boy this might be normal, but as a woman in her early thirties I feel it may be a bit abnormal. I stand in forts and imagine what happened in that very spot, what someone saw as they fought for what they wanted. I mentioned Sullivan's Island in my previous post... it is where my latest fort exploration occurred.
On a separate (from downtown) leg of my Charleston area bike tour, I biked out to the end of Sullivan's Island to Fort Moultrie. For a minimal $3 (only $1 for seniors!) I was able to revisit 171 years of American seacoast defense (1776- 1947)- not a bad deal.

Can We Go Back Next Week?

Hollie and I at Sunrise
Downtown Charleston

A Summer Storm Blowing Over Sullivan's Island
The Edgar Allen Poe Branch of Charleston's Library- on Sullivan's Island

Still thinking about our vacation last week, and what a wonderful time I had. Lovely, lovely, Charleston, SC. There were so many inspiring points- I almost don't know where to begin.
I'll start with Hollie. Hollie is the shizz. and has been for her whole life. We met as fellow art majors at Belhaven College back in the 90's. We were both quick to leave Belhaven behind after graduation, but after all these years we are still great, and even closer, friends. Just hanging out with a best friend like that was enough to make me smile.
Then, there's the beach. I mean, BEACHES !!! Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, Folly: three beautiful beaches with distinctive vibes. Isle of Palms: new buildings, slightly upscale, very touristy. Sullivan's Island: laid back atmosphere, pleasantly un-crowded, kinda quirky (Edgar Allen Poe lived here and wrote Gold Bug!). Folly Beach: surfer friendly, semi- bohemian, fun times.
Also, the historic city itself is not to be missed. My beach obsession left little time for city adventures; however, I did go on a bike tour through downtown. Well, not an organized tour, but one led solely by myself. I rode over the Cooper River Bridge (wow- amazing view), along the battery, and down Rainbow Row. Oh, and the interior of the Urban Outfitters on King Street is out of control. You should go. I should go back!

Monday, June 23, 2008

They've Got It Goin' On

magpie etc., a gallery of sorts celebrates its grand opening with a public reception Sunday, June 29, 4–9 p.m. The reception will feature music by k.s. Rhoads and The Smoking Flowers; artwork by The Lost Boys of Sudan, Miranda Crump, Brandon Gnetz, e.f. harper, Andee Rudloff and the Twisted Sisters; and custom clothing and accessories by magpie apparel. Located in the 12 South neighborhood, at 2227 10th Avenue South, magpie etc. is a creative addition to this thriving artistic community.

Created by 12 South residents, designer Rhiannon Guillet and artist Emily Harper, magpie etc. was conceived as a warm and welcoming gallery space for fellow artists, musicians and performers to share their talents. The gallery will present art openings for local and regional artists, trunk shows, live music performances and workshops. Open to the public each Saturday, and other days by appointment, visitors can find a variety of unique, handcrafted items.

"Rhiannon and I have always shared a similar vision which is what makes us such a great team," says Emily Harper. "Part of that vision has been to have the opportunity to offer an outlet for all the many talents who inspire our own lives."

Guillet and Harper have collaborated for more than five years on various projects, including their custom clothing and accessories line, magpie apparel. Plucking vintage clothing from flea markets and thrift stores, Guillet designs one-of-kind garments, while Harper creates jewelry from carefully selected remnants such as buttons, coins and guitar strings. The new gallery is a natural extension of these efforts.

magpie etc.'s quaint 10th Avenue South location—a one-time neighborhood market with a bubblegum pink-painted brick fa├žade—evokes the charm of the gallery housed within.

"Emily and I have had the joy of watching 12 South grow into a cozy, creative community over the last three years that we have lived in the neighborhood," says Guillet. "We are excited about contributing to the already thriving creative energy."

In September 2008, magpie etc. will feature bronze sculptures by Donnie Firkins.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Official.

The official first day of summer is here; summer solstice is today!
Enjoy :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Humor Goes a Long Way

Beth and I, working diligently.
All lined up, just waiting their turn.
Grace and Seamus, our cutest assistants.

I've been getting to know some new folks since being around the Downtown Presbyterian Church, and it's been quite nice. One is a photographer named Liz, who keeps a fun photoblog. The pictures accompanying this post are by Liz; she took them as we were hanging the Contributor Show for the most recent First Saturday event.
The studio open house last night went really well. Thank you to everyone who came by! Thank you as well, to the good- humored woman who was not angry that I jumped screaming out of a dark corner at her- Tom I thought that was going to be you. Also, Jon saved my day by picking up food, making lemonade, helping set up, and generally calming my craziness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Late this sunny Sunday afternoon I decided to take Seamus for a walk. We headed over towards Fort Negley, which is one of my favorite nearby walking destinations. We casually walked, or, I walked and Seamus pulled like a Budweiser Clydesdale.
The grassy area in the middle of the fort is my favorite part; surrounding it are old stone walls bordered with wooden boardwalks. As we walked into the fort I looked around for other dogs frolicking with their humans or families taking in the Nashville history- the usual. I didn't see anyone though, and then I thought it "it would be fun to run through the grass". Looking up, I took one more glance around, when I noticed something white on a boardwalk across the way. Wooden railings along the walkway kept it kind of I quietly got closer... and realized: this is a naked man!
Yes. It's true; a nude man lay on the ground disrupting my leisurely stroll. Seamus and I sprinted back to road in what had to have been record time. When I caught my breath I called the police; after holding for several minutes I got through to a helpful lady who seemed almost as shocked as me. Since I'd split the scene so quickly, I didn't have a detailed description, but I certainly hope he was found and will never do that again.
The moral of the story is twofold. Men: if you sunbathe sans clothing around me I may call the cops. Women: always be aware of your surroundings. Now, I'm not easily frightened, but this was a startling reminder that even if you're in a public place, mid- day, you never know what might happen. Take it from a dog- walking woman who just happened upon a nude stranger.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Please stop by; if you have any questions about how to get there, etc.. let me know!
* Tasha does not have a "C" in her name. Whoops!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Please Bring Yourself


The Downtown Presbyterian Church invites you to

ART-LUCK: The Art Show / Pot-Luck Dinner
that kicks off the Downtown Gallery Crawl right!

Saturday June 7th, 2008 6:00 - 9:00 PM


The Art Works of The Contributor
Nashville's Street Newspaper
Diverse perspectives on homelessness. Genuine opportunities for advancement.

The Pot-Luck Dinner and Art Show begins at 6:00 PM

The Downtown Presbyterian Church is proud to welcome the Art Works of The Contributor as the first event on its newly renovated fellowship hall floor. The Art-Luck series is a combination pot-luck dinner and art show during the 1st Saturday Downtown Gallery Crawl. Thus it is fondly thought of as a sort of tail-gating event for art. The Downtown Presbyterian Church is ideally located in the heart of the Gallery Crawl at the corner of 5th Ave. North and Church St. All are welcomed to bring a dish to share at 6:00, enjoy the art and then to visit the galleries across downtown.

This month's show features The Art-Work of The Contributor, Nashville's Street Newspaper. "Street Newspapers" are newspapers from across the world that focus on homelessness and poverty issues and which are sold on the streets by homeless individuals. The Contributor began publication in November of 1997. It is written by both homeless and non-homeless individuals, and it is sold on the street by homeless and formerly homeless individuals as an alternative to panhandling.

Works on display will include works by a cross section of homeless, formerly homeless and non-homeless artists including, Jonathan Field, Ray Ponce De Leon, Tasha French, Paul Fahle, Richard Davis, and others. Vendors will make issues of the June Issue of The Contributor available.

The Downtown Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of 5th Ave. North and Church Street
154 5th Ave. North Nashville, TN 37209 615-254-7584

For more information contact:
Tahsa French: (615) 598-0061

Johnny Cash by Jonathan Field (homeless artist)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy?

Ah yes. Much to my delight (and someone's else's dismay I'm sure) we have actual "summer" weather in Nashville. 90 degrees,sunshine, and water warm enough to swim in; this is my favorite time of year! This past weekend Jon, myself, and an adventurous group of friends went on a little trip: we kayaked the Hiawassee, and white water rafted on the Ocoee, and grilled out at our KOA campsite, and ate ice cream at Clumpies in Chattanooga, and, and, and, I feel like a kid who got to stay up past bedtime! I can't imagine a much better place to be; summer fun is not just for kids!
The hard part is: how to accomplish all the things I need/ want to do? Painting, playing outside, working, triathlon training, taking care of the cats, dogs, house, yard, etc... it seems like when I accomplish a lot in any one arena something else has to fall by the wayside- if you saw my piles of dirty dishes & laundry you'd believe it!
The good news is there is plenty of daylight and I have plenty of energy at this time of year. I guess I'll attempt a balance of work and play. What I really feel though, is that girls just want to have fun. This girl does anyway.