Friday, June 27, 2008

Can We Go Back Next Week?

Hollie and I at Sunrise
Downtown Charleston

A Summer Storm Blowing Over Sullivan's Island
The Edgar Allen Poe Branch of Charleston's Library- on Sullivan's Island

Still thinking about our vacation last week, and what a wonderful time I had. Lovely, lovely, Charleston, SC. There were so many inspiring points- I almost don't know where to begin.
I'll start with Hollie. Hollie is the shizz. and has been for her whole life. We met as fellow art majors at Belhaven College back in the 90's. We were both quick to leave Belhaven behind after graduation, but after all these years we are still great, and even closer, friends. Just hanging out with a best friend like that was enough to make me smile.
Then, there's the beach. I mean, BEACHES !!! Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, Folly: three beautiful beaches with distinctive vibes. Isle of Palms: new buildings, slightly upscale, very touristy. Sullivan's Island: laid back atmosphere, pleasantly un-crowded, kinda quirky (Edgar Allen Poe lived here and wrote Gold Bug!). Folly Beach: surfer friendly, semi- bohemian, fun times.
Also, the historic city itself is not to be missed. My beach obsession left little time for city adventures; however, I did go on a bike tour through downtown. Well, not an organized tour, but one led solely by myself. I rode over the Cooper River Bridge (wow- amazing view), along the battery, and down Rainbow Row. Oh, and the interior of the Urban Outfitters on King Street is out of control. You should go. I should go back!

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