Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy?

Ah yes. Much to my delight (and someone's else's dismay I'm sure) we have actual "summer" weather in Nashville. 90 degrees,sunshine, and water warm enough to swim in; this is my favorite time of year! This past weekend Jon, myself, and an adventurous group of friends went on a little trip: we kayaked the Hiawassee, and white water rafted on the Ocoee, and grilled out at our KOA campsite, and ate ice cream at Clumpies in Chattanooga, and, and, and, I feel like a kid who got to stay up past bedtime! I can't imagine a much better place to be; summer fun is not just for kids!
The hard part is: how to accomplish all the things I need/ want to do? Painting, playing outside, working, triathlon training, taking care of the cats, dogs, house, yard, etc... it seems like when I accomplish a lot in any one arena something else has to fall by the wayside- if you saw my piles of dirty dishes & laundry you'd believe it!
The good news is there is plenty of daylight and I have plenty of energy at this time of year. I guess I'll attempt a balance of work and play. What I really feel though, is that girls just want to have fun. This girl does anyway.

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Hollie said...

I think it's good to pepper your play with work, but only so you have funding for your playing. :)