Friday, September 28, 2012

An Anecdote for Your Friday

Have you ever felt totally on top of the world? Like a million bucks? Just 100% AWESOME!??
And then later you realize you had spinach stuck across your front teeth/ your pants were unzipped and you weren't wearing underwear/ you just called your bosses husband the wrong name?
Hmm. Well, I hope you have a minimal amount of these humbling experiences in your life. For the sake of your amusement and my reality check, I will now share a related anecdote.

Once upon a time there was a woman who trained and trained and trained for a big triathlon. The day of the event arrived, and she raced her little heart out. And loved it. And was proud. And happy with the experience. Days, weeks went by and she felt sure of her status as a bad ass athlete. Then, the race pictures arrived! She excitedly opened them, clicking through thumbnail after thumbnail- ready to relive that day of hardcore iron woman accomplishments. Oddly, the pictures seemed to capture something akin to a giddy child waking up on Christmas morning. "This can't be it." She thought. "These shots must've been before I really got in my groove." Fifty or so more shots later- more of the same. What was supposed to have looked like a shot from the cover of Runner's World instead looked like a crazy person frolicking through transition areas and onto the race course. Interesting. She decided-all in all it was still a pretty dang epic day, no matter how it looked to anyone else. So, the moral of the story is~

Be very thankful your cheering friends and family are not too embarrassed to claim you on such days.

YOLO! (hahaha)

And, photos from the race photographer HERE.


Shana Kohnstamm said...

You not only look like you're having fun, you look like it's a breeze too!

I see a confident, upbeat athlete. Congrats again!

The Blonde Mule said...

You're insane. Those pictures are badass! And you know how I feel about your abs...