Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stop! Collaborate and Listen.

The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville relocated into a new office space this summer, and I had the honor of developing and facilitating an interactive art project for guests at the Open House celebration.  The completed piece is pictured here; it is a mixed media collage on canvas. The design is inspired by the organization's logo.

Guests at the Open House event were invited to participate in the project by answering:
       “What is your favorite element of Nashville’s creative community?”
Each person contributed their answer by writing it on a piece of paper, which we then collaged onto the canvas. Reading the range of answers and then using them to create a unified piece was very a powerful statement about the strength and vibrancy of Nashville's creative community!


The image above is little close- up peek. Thank you to all who contributed, and thank you to the Arts & Business Council for the valuable services offered to support our fantastic creatives!

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