Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Indian Summer

The first day of fall, a chill in the air, dead leaves on the ground- it's not summer anymore. Last year, we had quite an indian summer in middle Tennessee but it looks like fall is moving in faster this year. I appreciate the smell of bonfires, exhilaratingly cool morning runs, and brightly colored fall foliage- but I am sad to say good bye to long, sunny summer days full of bike rides after work, kayaking on the river, swims at the lake, and poolside reading. 

With the shifting seasons I find my focus shifting back towards art- making. A couple experiences in particular have given momentum to this shift. 

1. East Side Story
My sweet friends, Chuck and Emily Beard opened a bookstore. They hatched a dream. It is a tiny space bursting with ideas, locally authored books and handmade book art. You can't walk in and not be inspired. 

2. Hillsboro Village Mural
Another dear friend, Andee Rudloff, is a mural painting force of nature. She has been creating multiple large scale murals in the region for the past couple years which are uniquely oriented to encourage community participation. See the video below to get a feel for the process, and the energy it generates (I'm in a pink tank top, zipping in and out of shots!).

3. Creative Capital 
I worked all through last weekend but didn't even care because in the process, I got to be a part of one of the most empowering creative workshops I've ever been to. The Arts & Business Council brought in a national organization, Creative Capital, to do a professional development weekend for artists in all genres. Out of a talented pool of applicants, 24 artists were chosen by panelists to participate in the workshop, and were subsidized by the Arts & Business Council. Marketing, funding, strategic planning, time management- so many tangible tools were given. It was energizing to see the this group of artists leave strengthened and better equipped to achieve their dreams. And, huge bonus, I was able to audit the whole thing and rounded out the weekend inspired by new knowledge and creative community.

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