Monday, September 3, 2012

Fiery Red,Torrid Orange, Sizzling Pink & Snow White

A little labor on Labor Day isn't so bad- especially if it means breaking out some brand new paint! Determining the focus -bold painted lettering on glass paired with product display- of the new window design for Rodney Mitchell Salon called for a couple preliminary tests. 

Happily, my studio has huge glass windows! Friend and studio neighbor, Liz Streight, stopped in a took a couple pics of the process. While there Liz played with paint, threw out creative suggestions (many of which I incorporated into the final piece), and was generally lovely company.
Thanks Liz!!!


A couple bottles of "Fiery Red", "Torrid Orange", "Sizzling Pink" and "Snow White" later, and there you have it. Do it. Wake up and just be your fabulous self!

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