Friday, February 25, 2011

Love & Marriage

I saw this evaluation on a friend's  blog and couldn't resist stealing it! (Do I get demerits for that?)

I'm fairly pleased to say I scored -4; honestly, I thought it would be a greater negative number. I mean- not only do I wear red nail polish, I sometimes wear black and never, NEVER dress for breakfast! Thank goodness times have changed! However, I came across this article when I researched the chart (because I thought maybe it was a joke!) that points out, some things have actually stayed very much the same. Personally, I just don't think a chart or online quiz can ever actually assess the compatibility of two human beings.

"People still rate their partners' characteristics as positive or negative, though the standards have changed. Husbands may not expect the same behaviors from their wives anymore, but some of its items--such as 'squeezing toothpaste from the top'- may still resonate with us today."
~Nick Joyce and David B. Baker, PhD

P.S. Is there a "Husband's Chart" out there?

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