Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Would Like to Share This Award With My Husband

Well, OK, there is no award, but if  I were to receive one and hence deliver an acceptance speech I would definitely like to thank supportive spouses. Specifically, JON SHEARER.
For instance, when I do inexplicably weird things like compose a ditty to the tune of a Folger's commercial that goes something like this "The best part of waking up is Sarah in your butt." and then sing it to him when we're hanging out at home he manages to turn it into something endearing by posting this:

Jon Shearer

The best part of waking up, is Sarah......
Thursday at 3:00pm ·  · He also encourages me to go for my goals; even when some people think they are too much, kind of ridiculous, or just strange. As I get into marathon training and running clothes festoon the laundry area of our house like so much spandex decor and the alarm goes off at 5 am for early morning workouts- no complaints, just encouragement.
He even comes out to get togethers with my running group buddies and it occurred to me, that is an awesome thing which deserves a group of it's own!

Jeffrey really liked you guys' idea for the spousal support group :-))))
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    • Sarah K Shearer Hahaha- they could be founding members of S.O.N.s (spouses of Nasties)
      about an hour ago · 
    • Sarah K Shearer Other option:
      H.O.E. (N)
      Husbands of East nasties
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I think he would definitely be a S.O.N, not a H.O.E. (n). Seriously though, his support and involvement in all my endeavors is something that carries me through creative slumps and challenging physical goals, and inspires me to always pursue my dreams.

    • Also, thank you Facebook, for providing a forum for all my social networking needs.

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