Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early Spring?

Last week after the groundhog predicted an early spring, this is what we got. Some hills even got caution taped off!
Eighth Avenue at sunrise last Thursday morning after we got a sudden several inches of snow accumulation overnight and the roads hadn't cleared yet. I kinda liked it!

Oh, my mild temped state- what has happened here over the past year has been bizarre. An epic flood in the spring caused tragedy, sweltering heat in the summer suffocated some people, and now a half dozen mini snows. I'm so over this winter. Where is my early spring, little groundhog?

I have to admit, the snow does make me enjoy winter more. It brings a crystalline, pure beauty to a time that otherwise feels like endless dreary gray  mess to me. Waking up and walking outside through a dazzling blanket of snow still gives me a childlike sense of wonder. I enjoyed it, ran in it, made snow angels in it- but still hope its the last of it's kind for this year. The forecast is looking up this week, and I may just be coming out of semi- hibernation soon!

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