Thursday, December 23, 2010

High Five, Tennessee

Yesterday I high- fived Nashville; today I 'd like to take it a step further and high- five the state of Tennessee. I've noticed a couple things this month that are totally awesome about the state I live in.

First, results of the 2010 census reported on in the Washington Examiner earlier this week show Tennessee as one of 7 states with above national average growth; showing "growth tends to be stronger where taxes are lower. Seven of the nine states that do not levy an income tax grew faster than the national average."

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Second, the parks and outdoor recreation areas in this state are super. 

I was lucky to spend alot of time outdoors exploring in 2010 and can say from experience that there is so much to offer in the state, you are more likely to run out of time to explore it all than places to explore. The highlight of my summer was the Great TN Waterfall Tour of 2010, but hiking a bit of the Appalachian Trail in East TN this Fall was quite notable, as well.

Roan Mountain, like most East TN mountains, is gorgeous! But that's not all that I love about it; I love  that it is home to it's very own goat herd, The Baa-tany Goat Project. Read their brochure HERE.

What's not to love?!  Well, maybe the dreariness of winter, but it could be worse!

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