Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Break

Christmas break has officially begun! For my first time! I' m not used to having time off work like this during the holidays; how strange to think I won't be back in the office until NEXT YEAR. It's only 2 weeks away, but still! It's pretty great. I put up some Christmas decorations this year, and hope to have some lazy days enjoying the cozy glow of twinkle lights.

Bella, Christmas Terminator
 Bella the kitty, my little Christmas Terminator, has a different plan for such things. She has pulled and shredded garland, knocked down ball ornaments, and "killed" bird ornaments since their arrival. I noticed yesterday that she actually knocked one of the lower branches loose from the tree. Kind of frustrating, but kind of don't care- Christmas isn't really a thing that I go crazy over and I guess I'm entertained by the scheming look in her eyes. I'm sure I'd be doing the very same thing if I were her!

Bella stalks a bird

I'm thankful to have had a quite decent amount of commissioned work lately; its allowed me to do a little extra Christmas shopping. I need to have one more piece done by tomorrow and then I will be working on some larger, non- commissioned things in the studio. Time in the studio is my main goal for this break. I'm a little nervous of time slipping by too quickly. Sometimes I just want to do so many things,  it's hard to pick a starting place for any one thing. I can let myself get pulled a little in 10 different directions and end up nowhere, or I can choose one direction, stick to that path, and make progress- that is where I'm at. Tying up lots of little loose ends, letting go of worrying about low priority things, and focusing my energy on my goals. Maybe I need to be channel Bella's determination.

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