Thursday, December 16, 2010

Before and After

 Custom pet portrait orders are keeping me happily busy these days! The fundraising Christmas special for East C.A.N. ends tonight at midnight, although afterwards I will still take orders through December 20 to be done by Christmas eve. The proceeds for those will benefit the Shearer pups- I'm thinking, new dog bed?
Aka Shearer & her slightly used bed.

An order came in earlier this week that I really was excited to see was of these two cuties, Bailey and Shorty. I don't know Bailey's story, but I do know Shorty as an East C.A.N. rescue. I met Shorty this year in the Spring when he was but a youngster. East C.A.N. brought him to East Nasty as one of the adoptable dogs of the week. Aka was with me that night and Shorty wanted her attention so badly; he ran alongside her during parts of the run, always looking over at her to see if she noticed- she didn't. But I did! He had the biggest personality and when I saw him months later -again as an East C.A.N.adoptable at East Nasty- he had grown into a big, some might think intimidating, guy. Apparently he even prevented a lawn mower theft from his yard. When I sat down next to him he was still such a big baby, waiting to be loved- he climbed in my lap! Even though there is no more room in the Shearer Inn I looked him up on the rescue's website that night; there is just something special about him. Seeing him in a forever home, with a family that loves him so much they're getting his portrait made, is just perfection.

Bailey's before and after.

Shorty's before and after.

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