Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's all around me. Be it artists, athletes, or animal rescuers-I have been blessed with meeting incredibly inspiring people. I admire how intentionally they choose to live; to act on the big ideas they have and be willing to be inconvenienced. It is so beautiful to see someone chose that over comfortability.

For instance, last night at East Nasty- the most awesome running club EVER- our usual route was postponed in favor of the Gumpathon. The Gumpathon is this: 6 men running across the country (3530 miles) for eight weeks, raising money for injures servicemen and women. Wow. It was an honor to support them as a group and join them for a tiny portion of their epic run.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland river, we ran into downtown Nashville together.

Cadillac Ranch on Broadway hosted a fundraising concert for the Gumpathoners. At this point they are over 1000 miles into their journey from New York to Santa Monica. They are crossing 16 states, which will cover 10 mountain ranges and 3 deserts. What a choice to make. What a courageous heart you would need.

Speaking of brave people with big hearts, East C.A.N., works tirelessly to rescue, vet, foster, and adopt abandoned animals into loving homes. Do you love dogs, but don't have time or space to have one of your own? Contact these guys to take a pup to the park or for a walk; even just a little help goes a long way to support what these dedicated people are doing. Do you want to adopt a dog? Come meet a canine buddy every Wednesday at 6:00pm at 11th and Holly in east Nashville before the run. Also, see their webpage.

Since I biked to East Nasty last night, I didn't have one of my dogs with me. Don't tell Seamus and Aka, but I met the CUTEST little red pit named Penny and I took her with me for the run. I have another favorite, too; his name is Shorty. If I had any more money, space, or time, Shorty would be coming home with me!

SO, all that to say last night, this past Sunday morning, everyday really, I 'm having an admirationfest (it's a new word) for the people I meet who choose to accept challenges and struggle to aid others; they make our world a beautiful place.

Last but not least, I'm inspired by artists like Eric, who is biking cross country for a year, and drawing the entire adventure. It's not to make or raise money, it's simply to see. To put himself out of his social, economic, and geographical bubble and really see what other people living then, and as artists do, communicate it through their work.

Time for me to get out there!

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