Monday, September 6, 2010

Winds of Change or I'm in Denial

Pretty, luscious blooms of summer; I don't want to see them wither and fade. I love my little plants; we have quite a lot in common. We lie dormant, hibernating through the dark, cold Winter. We start inching our way out again in the Spring, refreshed by the promise of rain and warmth. We burst into bloom in the summer: fueled by the energy of the sun all types of fruits, vegetables, and bold blossoms arrive. We feel the cool wind of Fall creep in, and begin to withdraw. Withering and fading, we will prepare for Winter and complete the cycle once again.
Apparently, I AM a plant. This so accurately describes what I feel right now. I am a little embarassed to admit how severly this impacts me. I feel frustratingly out of control at this time of year. I am still trying to cling to the last days of Summer, not wanting to let go. Summer Sarah is adventurous, fearless, and energtic. I want that to be me year round, but the fact is I am affected by the seasons ( S.A.D. I suppose) and no matter what I say, do, or think, I will not feel the same in the Winter. Thus, Fall gets the short end of the stick- it's arrival triggers me to panic every year at this time. Every freaking year. Its frustrating. I'm manic- swinging wildly between desperately not wanting to let go of Summer, and alternately mourning the loss of it.
Once we are completely IN Fall, I will enjoy it. It's just the transition that kills me. Seeing the beginning of the dying season. The trees, the plants, the grass- dying. So apparently I am a plant or a closet hippie. I feel intense connection to nature.
What I am reminding myself now though, is that death is a necessary part of new life, new seeds, new growth. This past weekend's art crawl had an installation that really impacted me....more on that in the next post!

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