Wednesday, September 1, 2010

These Are the Perfect Days

For the past couple weeks when I've thought about blogging, I felt I didn't know where to start because so much is going on, and then I 'd get swept up in the "goings on", and next thing you know another week has gone by.

The weather has been stunningly wonderful the past week or so. Still summery, but no more over 100 degree temps. These are the perfect days. Still a couple hours of light after the workday. River and lake water still mild enough to plunge into. Still able to wear my beloved sundresses. Most of all, I am still bursting with energy. Apparently I have a direct connection to the sun, one which channels energy to me like a powerline- fuel for Summer Sarah.
Summer Sarah can get up early, bike to work, work, bike to East Nasty, run with friends, hang out, then bike home. On a day off, Summer Sarah can run early in the morning, go on a waterfall adventure, swim and cliff jump the afternoon away, then spend time in the studio. I love how Summer Sarah is brimming with happiness and ready to steal every moment of the day and make it count. However, seasons change and so do I. I don't know if it's necessarily for better or worse, but I do know it is a great source of anxiety for me. I am more "hibernate-ish" in the winter. Not so sure of myself. Less extroverted. Less adventurous. That is what I know to be the natural way of things.

All that to say, here I am, at the changing of seasons knowing I too will change with the days. It seems so many people love Fall. I should love Fall. It will be lovely hiking and running weather. I should be OK with it, but instead I struggle. Every single year, at this point, I panic at the feeling of the warm summery sun fading away.

It seems biologically that I will always be like this, but I would like to adapt to the changes better. I don't want to feel such heavy dread at the end of August. I don't want to lose sight of the beauty of autumn, just because it brings us one step closer to winter. Fall lovers out there- help me! Show me your ways! I'm ready. *Actually,I'm not quite ready, give me another couple weeks:)*

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