Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time Flies

Logging in, I noticed my last post was on the 11th! Wow. It feels like barely a weeks gone by. It's been a busy past couple of weeks - a good busy. Sometimes I have busy weeks, and when they're over I can't remember exactly what it was I did that made things so busy. Disappointing. If I'm worn out, I'd like to have something to show for it!
Well, like I said, this was a good couple of weeks: I had dinners with friends that I love, planted flowers and veggies in the garden, continued triathlon training, spent time with Jon, worked -of course, and finished setting up my new studio. Thanks to the guys in Eastern Block (and Craig's List)- I now have a comfy couch in my studio! It was the final element necessary to make it the perfect work space. That implies I can't work without a couch, which implies all kinds of laziness I guess. Whatev. I like to sit in comfort to draw, and my painting partners gotta have a place to chill!
Today I started the first painting since moving into the new space :)

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