Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Spring Brings the Color Back to Life

I love vivid color so, so, so much. Alot that is depressing to me during winter has to do with that, or, the lack of color. Dead plants, gray skies, long dark nights, the blah- ness of it gets over whelming. Finally, some new leaves are appearing and the sun is still shining when I leave work! What interested me about the photos above are the color similarities. The top one is from a hike with Aka, and the bottom is me "modelling" new Spring pieces for a Fire Finch ad. Totally separate occasions, but identical colors! The colors of the bag and clothes are so truly drawn from the beauty of the mossy rocks and foliage. Being an outdoors lover who also adores fashion, it's fun to see them relate. Can't wait for more!

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