Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pre- Spring Cleaning

We are now only ten days away from the vernal equinox- the first day of spring. Typically at this time of year people do lots of yard/ housework, thus the term "spring cleaning". Today I got a jump start. Spring hasn't even officially started, and I 've already washed the cats, boxed them up, and put them in the attic!
Ha, of course, I kid, I kid.
Unfortunately though, I have actually laundered poor Maggie before. She was accidentally tumble dried for a brief period, but I was lucky enough to realize what I had done before she got hurt! When I let her out she glared at me, with a very staticky, dishevelled hair- do above her angry eyes. I promised her, "From now on I will always check inside the dryer before starting it!" I am happy to report: Maggie is a gentle soul and has not held a grudge.

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