Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flight Lesson and the Morphing Trend

Sooo, last night was the "First Saturday" Downtown Gallery Event. It was packed! For an early March night, the weather was great and apparently everyone was ready to get out in it. A couple galleries still had up the same work as last month- which was kind of a let down. What I most appreciated were Samuel Dunson's paintings at TAG and the musical performance by "Carrie Nation" at Downtown Presbyterian. The painting above is one of Mr. Dunson's; it's a 32" x 44" titled "Flight Lesson". It's a beautifully quiet change from the recent trend of grotesque morphing creatures. What's up with all the girls morphing into goats, dogs into men, human nipples on barnyard animals, and so on? Honestly- why is that imagery SO popular right now?

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