Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You

Thankful for:

*Jon- who is always there when I need him, is shockingly patient with my flaws, and I cannot/would not want to imagine life without.

*My good health- which I am often guilty of taking for granted.

*This year of gorgeous weather- so many beautiful days to spend/spent outside. This summer was one of the best in years-sailing, waterfall exploring, kayaking, swimming- days filled to the fullest! Even this fall, with its 5p.m. darkness, the mild temperatures and sunshine have been so pleasant that the depression that seasonally comes with the darkness has not been so bad. I'm optimistic for a mild winter, as well!

*Nashville community- I just love the people I am surrounded by. I appreciate that I am part of a vibrant creative ecosystem. As a proud Nashvillian, I'd like to point out that we rank 4th in the nation for cultural vitality being outranked only by NYC, Washington,DC, and Los Angeles. You can read about it HERE, but it's not something I needed a researcher to tell me because I see it in my friends everyday. They are opening their own art galleries; they are spending time volunteering and looking for ways to improve lives of others; they are dedicated to creating new music or illustrating books in addition to working their full time jobs; they are organizing free running groups promoting healthy lifestyles; they are vital.

Of course there is more, but these few are at the front of my thoughts tonight. I hope you are well, and overflowing with all kinds of goodness- Happy Thanksgiving!

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