Saturday, November 13, 2010


This morning I ran my third 1/2 marathon, but it was the first one I've ever raced. Like- set a time goal, wrote my mile splits on my arm with a sharpie, pushed myself past my comfort zone, raced. It was a gorgeous morning for the Nashville 1/2 Marathon, an I Run For the Party event, to take 1200 runners through downtown's riverfront, along the sunny greenway, out to metrocenter, and back.

The glorious weather calmed my nerves, as did seeing so many other East Nasties out on the course. East Nasties are the best, seriously. Supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable- everything a girl who's never really considered herself a "real runner" could ask for in a running group.

So, the best news is that I met and exceeded my goal- which was to finish in under 2 hours. My official time was 1.56.24- YEAHHHHHHH, THAT'S RIGHT!!!

Then, I went home and took an ice bath-yikes. YES it is entirely as bad as it sounds, but it does prevent aches and pains.

A friend commented this afternoon about how important being mentally committed is to this kind of thing, how powerfully your mind can tell your body what to do. Or not do. All my life I've told myself "I'm a slow runner", and I was until I told myself I wanted something different.

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