Monday, May 31, 2010

Warrior Weekend Part 2

Although conveniently located on our route to the Warrior Dash from our campground in Georgia, we did not stop at the farm room to learn about Jesus. Our campground was so pretty in the morning. My favorite part was a calm lake that caught the sun rising above the mountains so perfectly-with a rushing waterfall running off it.

Why is this picture so tiny? I have no idea, but if it were larger you would see that I had some great help preparing my warrior paint. Also, you would see 2 out of 3 Sara(h)'s that traveled together for the weekend in in our white, rented "Sara(h)van" or the best van group ever! Starbucks stops, breakfast stops, and bathroom stops turned what could have been a 5 hour drive into an 8 hour experience made awesome by our capable driver/navigator and a van full of fun folks who shared homemade brownies, starbursts (except the red and pink), ipods, blankets to nap under, magazines (horoscopes- first I've ever heard that incorporated scrapbooking), and general camaraderie. Yay, roadtrips!!!

Hungry for more: I raced on Saturday, at my original 5 pm time then realized, "I can totally sneak back in on Sunday and run again!". Most everyone else had gotten in on the second day of the race at 11am, and so I ran a second time with them. The second time was way more fun. 23 East Nasties in homemade wife beaters, camo shorts, and war paint= AWESOME!

The range of costumes really impressed me. Walking up to the race site and being passed by a man in a very minimal loin cloth made me think, "this is like a Halloween for guys" know how some girls use Halloween as an occasion to wear ridiculously skanky outfits? I have never seen more scantily clad men in one place then I did that day. Variations on the speedo (bedazzled, fur covered, etc ) were clearly the popular choice.

This guy didn't need a costume, though. Check out that drool! He may be my favorite :)

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