Monday, June 7, 2010


The past couple of weeks have felt like a wonderful whirlwind. I 've been enjoying productive weekdays and new routine as I've taken to spending time working in the studio first thing in the mornings. Maybe this makes me a big dork, but I love my mornings. And my morning coffee. Also, I'm taking full advantage of the warm weather and the long daylight hours as I bike around town on my beloved fixie, Thunder Cat. MOST of all though, right now I'm loving sunny Summer days spent with people I love.
Memorial day was such a day. It started out a little gloomy-ominous gray clouds threatened to rain on our holiday parade. We were so thrilled to have the day off and had plans to have a pool party fun with Blake and family- no storms allowed! To my enormous happiness, the sun came through! We 4- wheeled, swam, ate, swam, and floated in the sun and it was perfect.
Luke and Jon- so fun together!

Blake- swimming on his own at 4 years old!

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