Monday, May 10, 2010

Worth the Walking

I went on a wonderful adventure week before last; I made a solo trip to NYC. I returned last Sunday to find my hometown in a state of disaster- epic flooding claimed lives and destroyed property all over middle TN. It felt disrespectful to talk about my travels at that point, but I want to now. Maybe it will be a relief to hear about something besides destruction and flooding.

Two days out of 5, I visited Chelsea's gallery district. It involved walking, walking, climbing steps, walking, and then a little more walking in an attempt to take in as much art as possible. It was well worth it, as always!

These are some snapshots I took of pieces that I loved: loved the whole thing, particular parts, or the general idea.

Every little drawer in this chest played a different song or narrative. Anyone could open them- one at a time , 5 all at once- creating a soundtrack of your own choosing.

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