Friday, March 20, 2009

Doing Hard Time

First, I need to assert that if you have not been to the Frist lately, you are missing out. The Paint Made Flesh exhibit is phenemonal. Sure, maybe as a figurative painter I 'm a little biased, but whatev. It's GREAT. Apparently it's great enough that one non- local blogger feels it cannot possibly be fully appreciated in Nashville and laments the works "doing hard time" here; if you feel like laughing reading her cliche post. Second, there is another moving exhibit to see at the Frist titled "Seeing Ourselves:Photographs of Safe Haven". It is curated by Andee Rudloff and depicts the results of the Frist's outreach experience with the family shelter, Safe Haven. Channel Five recently did a segment on it, click here to see.I hope you get a chance to see these; they're very inspiring.

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Virgin In The Volcano said...

I wish I would have met people like you when I was in Nashville. The most disappointing thing to me when I visited was that so few people in town seemed to know about the Frist show. That, and that the bbq wasn't better.