Sunday, May 11, 2008

New York, New York

In the distant right hand side is the Statue of Liberty
Cinco de Mayo chardonnay!
Laura, David, me, April
Bunny & I outside the Lever House.

Last week I had a lovely trip to Manhattan. The weather was sunny and 70- lucky me- it was perfect walking weather! And running weather, apparently. I packed my running apparel (only 2 months, 19 days till triathlon time) so I could keep in shape while travelling; early in the mornings I ran through Central Park, and around midtown. Turns out, this is a great way to explore the park; I saw more of it than I've ever been able to see just walking through. I even ran the loop around the reservoir and pretended I was in a movie...I can't believe I just told you, yeah, I enjoyed it. Oh, there were also many, many cute dogs playing in the park, flowers and trees blossoming, birds chirping, etc. that only added to the movie- esque- ness.
I went to the accessories and jewelry market the first half of the week with April and Susan, of "the Finch". On Cinco de Mayo, April and I enjoyed a roof top patio at sunset with David and Laura (exhibitors at the market). Walking back that night, we went by the Lever House where I found supersized Hello Kitty statues! The next night, I got to see fellow Nashvillian K.S. Rhodes play at the Rockwood Music Hall in the East Village with Lizzie E. singing background vocals! On the way home that night I took a pic of one of my favorite cathedrals; it's like a baby castle among skyscrapers. I also did some shopping ( I heart H& M) and scored a new Betsey Johnson dress at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg. AHHAHAHAAA :) Also, I went to Chelsea to do some gallery exploring, which I have mixed feelings about. Some was bad, some was good, and some just bizarre for bizarre's sake.
Gotta go, but ladies: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !

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