Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Reuse Workshop

This week I had two fantastic opportunities to partner with Turnip Green Creative Reuse. I'll keep this post focused on the first one: leading a workshop for Metro Nashville Public Library. I love our library system; the main downtown branch is by far my favorite- the center courtyard and grand staircase are GORGEOUS. And now I love the library even more, since learning that for their staff retreat days they invite local organizations to put together a variety of educational workshops and let employees choose what they would like to attend.

Turnip Green Creative Reuse (TGCR) was one of the local organizations selected to put on a workshop during the most recent staff retreat. As an artist who has made use of TGCR's donated materials in my own work, a connection had been made; Kelly Tipler, C.E.O. of TGCR, reached out and invited me to lead this workshop for the library. My reuse work has centered around book art (if you're local you can see it at East Side Story), and being for the library- a book reuse art project seemed the perfect fit!
The following images from the workshop are courtesy of TGCR:

Project Examples
Distributing Supplies
Participants Chose a Book Page to Alter with Paint
Work in Progress!
A Completed Piece 
Participants of All Ages Got Involved
Everyone Altered Their Book Pages Uniquely!

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