Thursday, March 14, 2013

the Compass

I just completed a commissioned painting, and wanted to share my process of work on it.
First, the inspiration. This was a piece inspired by a personally significant tattoo; the thought was to take the tattoo design, keep the meaning behind it, but transform it into a painting. 

the tattoo

After determining basics like size (30" x 40") and color scheme (blue dominant), I decided this piece needed layers. After all, it the concept of a personal compass has deep meaning- a smooth, even surface didn't seem to fit. I began layering paper in shades of blue. Then, I layered maps and images. Finally, I added significant words- verses.

When I was happy with the layering, I brushed on a coat of blue paint.

Then, I scrubbed it off it the areas I wanted to draw focus to. 

 Lots of steps- adding, adding, taking away, more adding- it all adds a richness and texture that I felt was important for this painting.

 Then the prominent part of the design- the compass!

With this part I was careful to still allow parts of the background to show through- a subtle indicator of the piece's meaning.


supplies: acrylic paint with mixed media

The finished piece!

The finished piece with it's new owner!

notice his right forearm ;)

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