Sunday, April 14, 2013

Setting Intentions

It's been on my mind a lot lately, how absolutely blessed I am in life. How, although there is so much more to each of us than just our physical bodies- our bodies are so very strong and capable. Often, we never use them to their fullest potential. Sometimes the limitations are beyond our control (need to take a second job to support the family and have no spare time, you're a single parent with no childcare help, etc) but too often, the limitations are ones that are a choice (fear of pushing outside your comfort zone, allowing excessive tv /internet distraction).

Many of you know I am training for my first full ironman this year; while I havent blogged much about it specifically- it is having a profound impact on me. I had a rough month in March- winter weather kept hanging around and bumming me out, work slowed, doubts about ironman started creeping in. During this time, I wondered aloud to my husband if my decision to put so much time and energy into a pursuit like ironman was frivolous or selfish. Fortunately, I am married to a supportive man (who also happens to be hot, talented and my best friend). He said "I have never seen you so confidant and strong as when you are running and training for races." We've been married for 13 years, so that kind of says a lot. He's right. Despite the ups and downs that come with challenging yourself to try new things- I've never been happier in my life.

A friend said to me this week "you only have one body". I don't want to get all YOLO on you, but seriously we do only have one body, one life to live- and they were created on a grand scale. It's up to me how much (or how little) I get to see and do in this lifetime; an inspiring example relating to this is "A Life Without Limits" Chrissie Wellington's autobiography. As I slowly push myself physically to achieve things I once assumed were impossible for me I realize not only I can do this, but in fact I was made to do this. I was given the gift of a healthy body, and I want to keep it strong.

Many thanks go out to my awesome husband and encouraging friends for helping push me through that period of doubt in March. I've regained perspective, and am refocusing on the reasons that I was originally drawn to this ironman journey- and it really is about the journey. It's about exploring new places biking and running that I would never see otherwise- Tennessee is a beautiful playground to adventure through! It's about sharing struggles and celebrating triumphs with training buddies- supporting each other along the way. It's about setting my intentions on living this life to the fullest - and a few more things I'm not sure I can articulate well yet. I am a work-in-progress!

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