Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My How Times Change

This morning I am frantically going at my To Do list like a rabid squirrel, yet I am compelled to stop for a moment and blog. Blog about how life's curve balls never cease to amaze me. At the end of 2011, I had just gotten through a tumultuous job situation, was pysched to make some life changes and take on new adventures in 2012. Ha! Boy, did I not fully envision what that would entail.

Fast forward to end of 2012.

Early to mid-year I was going at my new adventures full swing- training for and completing a half iron man triathlon, as well as adjusting to the new job position I accepted in April. Then fall rolled in and slapped punched me in the face. I was permanently laid off from my full time job. Yes, the "new" one I left a stable job for and had just gotten adjusted to/ past the chaotic learning curve.

What next? I thought "I NEED A NEW JOB. MUST GET FULL TIME JOB A.S.A.P." and I searched job listings and read job descriptions and searched more, but nothing really grabbed me. I need something to grab me. After the crazy job experience that had just ended, I knew that my next step needed to be very intentional. Life is just to short to do stuff day in, day out that does not matter. And when I say matter, I mean- I want to make an impact. I want to fully use my skills. I want to do quality work. I want to make an impact on my community. I want to go through life fully engaged.

It seemed a time for big decisions and major changes. Unemployment may at some point come through but thus far it hasn't- due to complications stemming from the fact that it looks "suspicious" that I was only employed somewhere for 6 months and then had to file for unemployment. Maybe evetually that system will work, but I can't sit around waiting so  I am going into business for myself. The business of Art By Sarah! So here I am. December 2012. Ending the year broke, and working like a crazy person- but happy. Just completely happy. I am thankful to have a spouse who trusts that I will bust my ass. That I can maintain and manage a freelance income. That I will work 6 days a week morning to night to create the job I want. I thank God for him everyday.

I have my eye out for part time work that would be a good fit for me, but in the meantime, expect to see art making galore. Shows. Commissions. Online shop coming soon!

Here is an upcoming event I am involved in:

Please excuse this post for being all about me. Me, Me, Me! Ha. As we come into the final month of 2012, the crazy course of the year has jut been so been heavy on my mind. How was your 2012?


Kevin L Christian said...

I was with a company for the first 10 years of my career. Stable. Great income and benefits. Took a SCARY leap of faith to go out on my own. Sat out a 10 month non-compete contract. Lost everything I owned. Started from scratch. I've had my own business now for 10 years. Thank God past-Kevin had the balls to look out for future-Kevin. You got this

Sarah Shearer said...

i did not know that part of your story! Wow. And well-done. It certainly takes balls to take risks. I should add to my commentary that when i say "i am happy" that I am happy in my soul, doing what i believe I is best- BUT i am also terrified on a regular basis.
Thank you for sharing your experience~very encouraging!