Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reddit and Believed It

You may have heard by now, but my youngest brother is basically an Internet sensation. I mean I can see why. He is pretty great (except for the time he pretended to slam the restaurant door on me when we went for food post marathon). 

First it starts with some local media coverage.

Then it goes viral online, somewhat obscurely.

Then it gets more attention and is featured in more mainstream media.

After briefly reading the online responses, I've grabbed a screenshot of my favorite take away:

[–]myusernameranoutofsp 130 points  ago
Isn't a marathon a reasonable thing to post about on facebook? It's a big personal accomplishment. If you're sharing anything personal beyond contact information, I'd imagine that should be pretty high up on the list.
[–]JackBauersGhost 29 points  ago
As a person who finished his first marathon this year, I'm wondering why OP is so butt hurt about people posting about it on facebook.
[–]lenguataco 30 points  ago
Seriously - I made one post about my marathon this year and was lambasted as being arrogant, a jerk, etc. So I just went with it and really rubbed the salt in by mentioning my girlfriend. Thought Reddit was about to explode in fury.
[–]jimbolauski 13 points  ago
You accomplished something besides sitting around looking at cat pictures all day, no wonder you were ostracized.
[–]Bobzer 7 points  ago
Thought Reddit was about to explode in fury.
Their butthurt makes you stronger, their tears are salty ambrosia.
[–]res0713 2 points  ago
Hey hey hey don't go around showing your pride!
[–]pnine 5 points  ago
Congrats! I've never done one but this summer I signed up for a couple races.
[–]JackBauersGhost 1 point  ago

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