Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Work

New work.
This season those two little words carry much weight.
In October I was laid off from my full time job, due to the organization's recalibration of goals and financial duties. As anyone who has experienced a lay off can surely attest, it is stressful news to receive and results in a bit of soul "what do I want to do with my life?!" searching.

Cue the new work. 
After a bit of re-orienting, I've jumped back into working- more focused than ever. I am in the studio almost every day now, and am LOVING it. As I transition into working primarily as a visual artist my focus includes several facets:
  • commissioned projects (yes, I'm doing pet portraits!)
  • paintings for upcoming shows
  • small mixed media pieces for shops and galleries around town (see photo below!)
  • facilitating community art projects such as THIS Artober event

Nashvillians: Go to East Side Story Book Store and pick up a handmade book + pumpkin (bumpkin??) for your own!

Non-Nashvillians: Contact me at to order!

Stay tuned for more work photos and updates. My new route does lead me into some intimidating days, but I welcome the change. I love adventure, I have faith this will work out for the best, and I'm pretty good at hustling- so freelance life: HERE I COME!

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