Sunday, April 18, 2010

Only 6 Days? Really?

Only 6 days till the Country Music Half Marathon- come cheer me on if you're around next Saturday morning! When I started training for this in January I would have told you I would be relieved when it was over. Oddly enough, I am getting anxious about the fact that in less than a week it will be over.
WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? Was not expecting this- especially after a kinda rough kick off in January. I 've just felt good lately(about running, about making new friends while running,etc), and I don't want to feel like it's gonna wind down after this race. So, I have decided to wind things UP a notch. Running will continue( thanks East Nasties for always being there), and various adventures will ensue. This is in the very near future!

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Wee Little House said...

I'm going to try to come cheer you guys on. Are you going to meet back at the East Nasty spot after the race? If so, I'll try to catch you there.