Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Dam Adventure

Lately, I've been having an internal struggle. I have adapted to my new routine at my new job, but I haven't adapted my studio practice to that. I'm anxious and I miss it, yet I trust myself and know that I will this will come full circle. I don't doubt my creative work will claim it's place in my day- it's just not happening as quickly as I thought it would.What I HAVE been doing is nurturing other facets of my life, areas that are very different from my art work, but that hold a place of importance nonetheless. I hope to absorb the beauty, the color, the strength, the grit, the uncertainty, the human connection, and the rawness of the past couple months and let it tumble around inside.

Back to what I have been up to lately:
*My new job- it has been rewarding and challenging in numerous ways which may be a later post.
*Running- this time around my body has taken to it. It is allowing me to run stronger and faster than I ever have before. Also could fill a later post with more on this.
*Friendships- becoming more aware of the importance of nurturing friends, as well as being open to new ones.
*Mother Nature/ the Great Outdoors/ Whatever Name You Know It As- recognizing it as source of happiness and energy stronger than almost anything else.

I could say quite a bit more about the effect all of those are having on my life right now. Note to self- get your thoughts about these together and post them!I included pics of my most recent adventure which actually blended 3 of the 4 points from above. My buddy Jessica and I went to the Bicentennial trail in Ashland city for a gorgeous bike ride. Wildflowers were in full bloom, and the sky was clear blue. The Bicentennial path is a track that trains once ran along; now it is paved and graveled for hikers and bikers to explore the countryside. Crossing old train trestles bring me unexplicable joy. So did my first outdoor swim of the year- I jumped in the Cheatham lake! Please refer to "before" and "after" pics. This expedition completed another rad leg of the 2010 Dam tour (see pic), and I'm already looking forward to the next adventure!

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