Saturday, April 24, 2010


2hrs:11mins:54secs- that's my time for the Country Music Half Marathon 2010. Honestly I had in mind a 2hr race time, but I'll take it! And I'll do it again faster, here.
Do you know who was a rockstar today? Thousands, but especially this record breaking one.
Honestly, I think alot of us put forth a great effort today and set our own personal records: Jessica, Channing, my East Nasties (too many to name!), and Armistead in particular. Armistead (the cute brunette with the white and pink top, white cap, and huge smile)rocked her first half marathon today; no complaints, no walking- she all out went for it. We trained and raced together which inspired a pretty sweet move crossing the finish line that involved me screaming, our arms pumping in the air with a solid hand clasp between us. Hardcore handholding, it's how we roll. No finish line pics, but these pics these are enough to make me relive the exhilaration of a feat well done and do it again.

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