Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your Name Must Be Summer, Cause You're Hot

Actually, the name of an upcoming photography show is "Summer". It will be hot, as is the group- SNAP- who are creating the show. I didn't know much about this group until I went to one of their meetings tonight- and really enjoyed it. Walking into it not really knowing many of the members seemed like it might be awkward, but I couldn't have found a much more welcoming and friendly gathering! Aside from the tasty olive tapenade and red Smoking Loon wine, the highlights of the meeting involved planning various group shows (@ Downtown Presbyterian Church), individual shows (@ Blend in the Arcade), community outreach (w/ kids @ area public schools), and FIELD TRIPS (to the Big Band dances @ Centennial Park)! Pretty sweet, huh? Want more info? They meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, as well as having several ways to connect online:

*image above by Eric Denton

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